Hello world. The following is from 2019.

Last night as I listened to Fade to Black the subject of discussion was The Emerald Tablets of Thoth. The guest was Billy Carson. As they were speaking I found myself being reminded with replays of the visions and dreams I had had on my journey when I visited those places they were mentioning.

Around 5 years ago when I was guided to partake of the Law of One and The Emerald Tablets of Thoth I experienced a number of dreams and visions of the Sphinx, The Library of Akashic Records and the Halls of Amenti. My Guide Thoth was there by the bonfire with the Elders, Watchers and others waiting for me.

In the side of the neck of the Sphinx is a hole and a slot. The hole is for a staff and the slot a bronzed tablet. They open the doors in the chest after a stone raises between the paws and a hand is laid upon it. The hallways glow of a light all their own when this is done.

The first hall contains the bonfire were the elders and watchers await the awakened. They explain the labyrinth and the hounds that track you. They explain the spiralling movements needed to avoid them. It is a turning back upon oneself to see where one has been… A review.

In essence it is the reviewing of one's journey(s) to see where one has been, is at and will be going. The goal to review and in so doing reverse that which was experienced physically thereby healing the vessel and renewing it through reverse aging.

The hounds are ones own fears manifested in a physical form. The journey is the releasing of all fear through the healing of what has been experienced. When one releases all fears the hounds lose track of you unable to follow. The first instant of fear they are back on you.

The journey(s) being referred to here are the journey the being is on at that time and all previous incarnational journeys they have had in other forms. Each held lessons and things needing attention and healing of or fears let go of. The Halls are for that review.

I have traveled the Halls of Amenti and I have traveled the Halls of the Library of the Akashic Records with Thoth as my Guide showing me that which was in need of healing and work. I would do these travels in dreams and visions as each item was placed before me.

In my seeking of Healing and Truth I was guided within me. As each item was placed before me I would review it and ask questions. In seeking the answers I was often guided to the Akashic for understanding where something began and how it began so it could be undone. Every step of the way in seeking Truth I accepted responsibility for what it was I chose. As I did so I could release those items healing fully. The more I let go the more I healed and regained the abilities I had started my journey with. All was connected one unto the other and each had a reason for being. All had been for my benefit, for I would not be who I AM if I had not experienced all that I have.

Blessings on your journeys my brothers. Hugs and love. You are loved. I love you.