Headphones/earbuds are advised for best sound.
This video contains, contact with the afterlife, research via E.V.P.'s (Electronic Voice Phenomena) over 6 minutes sessions at my home.

Method used:
Sonia Rinaldi uses this method in Brasil.
EVPMaker software, This chops up an audio file that originally lasts 1 minute long with ALL paranormal words taken out, this leaves a general 1 minute speech in the deceases own physical voice.
The software then takes this speech and chops this into quarter of a syllable, and scrambles them into a No- sense random gibberish audio file. Which run's in the background of a Contact session.

This is used for the background source, it's just like having white noise in the background to record for EVP, but this NO-sense bits of syllables act for a cleaner background sound source. And if Contact is made, it would be in their own physical voice.
When playback of the Contact session is listened to, and contact have been made with the other side, very often the NO-Sense audio file has been partially 'reorganized' by spirit to form messages of love and learning or in response to your questions.

ALL EVP sessions was conducted at my home.
From these EVP sessions we can take away learning from the contact provided. I believe Resonance plays a big part of the contact field, and a positive outlook to make contact.

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