Hello world. The following is from 2015.

Today a brother seemed to be going through it deeply. One moment he was ranting about inspirational speakers and healers being frauds only wanting to take your money. The next he was ranting about how their words do not help anyone when one is in need of food, water and shelter. Then he was off on a rant about people judging him as this or that. We are in the middle of a retrograde. Everything he has been in denial of experiencing and believing is coming up full force for him to face and deal with now. That is what is happening with him and all of Humanity… The following were my responses to him and what I was witnessing…

"Let go your attachments to the material world and all you have been taught to think and believe it to be brother. Yes everything Humanity has been taught to think, believe and perceive is a lie created to control and manipulate one to hand away their Sovereignty of Being and Free Will to be Self Governing as God created them to be to someone else for a false sense of safety and security. They do this in a belief they will make someone else responsible for them and the choice they are making to be and perceive.

Money would be an item labelled and created to change the meaning and the way something is being perceived. If everything you could need is provided to you, why would you need money? I can walk out my front door and find food, medicine and building materials in my yard. I can take the items I gather, harvest and produce and use them for barter and trade for those items others may have or create that I may need.

Where in that equation does money enter? Notice it never came in at any time. Money is a made up ideology used to funnel away your ability to be Sovereign. Consider what you have been taught to believe and ask yourself why you were taught what you were. You will find those who came before you were taught the same. The difference here and now is in the point that you are now asking the questions they were to afraid to voice themselves.

You are not required to accept what does not resonate as Truth for you brother. You are not and have never been required to believe as your brothers are choosing to do. Accept and allow them to be as they choose and to believe as they choose. That will be their burden to bare and heal from. Stand in your Light of Truth. Believe as YOU CHOOSE because it resonates as Truth in your HEART and not your head. You are allowed to think, believe and be as YOU CHOOSE to be. You always have a choice in how you choose to perceive everything that is experienced by you. If you are experiencing cognitive dissonance, then you are holding onto a belief that is not true and that is what is eating at you. Such as this belief you are required to believe as someone else is choosing or that you do not get a choice in what you choose.

You are projecting out your own beliefs and intentions on your brother here, brother dear. Yes, the majority of those who are calling themselves teachers, healers, gurus and motivational speakers are seeking to get something from their brother. That something IS usually money. The fallacy of your statement is that you are lumping all of Humanity into the mold you have created for yourself.

There are many out there who share what they receive from Spirit freely just as it was given to them. I am such a one and there are many others out there who do the same. Recognize your judgmental egoistic beliefs at play that YOU have chosen to believe in as being the Truth. If and when I call out another for their egoistic ways in using and abusing their brothers I do so by sharing my personal experiences and the lessons learned from them. I share how all was of benefit to me and through me all of Humanity.

You see, I lay my Truth before my brothers with no expectation they accept or believe it. I share what I am shown and allow them to decide and choose for themselves if what I share resonates within them or not. I cannot drag anyone kicking and screaming into the Light brother. All I may do is lay my Truth before them and allow them to choose. My brothers must willingly choose to pick their asses up off the ground and walk themselves into that Light under their own power of Free Will of choice given them by God above as Sovereign Beings.

This is what I was taught to do brother by Holy Spirit and my Spiritual Guides. I am to share my Truth, my experiences, processes and the lessons I have learned. I am also to openly share the messages they give me as the Conduit or Clear Open Channel I AM in the exact way they state it.

What you have met brother are those who are trapped in the fear within their own minds. Just as you are still trapped in yours. You are not as honest and open as you would have folks believe. For you do place a false facade before you. You are afraid to be authentic for fear of being judged. Authenticity is key if you would be completely open and honest.

May I suggest you take a moment to turn within and begin questioning these judgments you seem to be believing in as being the truth? If they continue you will have much to look at and heal from brother. Your pain and suffering will be increasing exponentially until you choose to do so.

Blessings on your journeys my brothers. Hugs and love. You are loved. I love you.