Hello world. the following is from 2017.

Good morning folks. My brother's, what you are missing here is that in every situation and experience YOU are the one who is "judging" it to be what it is. You are the one making a choice to believe what you are in that moment. As children, we as in all of humanity, are trained to blindly follow and accept whatever judgments and opinions are being handed to us as being the absolute truth. We are taught to conform to the dictates of those around us so we are no longer ostracized and told we are bad and wrong. We conform to stop the pain and agony of their conditional love.

Every label handed to us is a judgment we measure our self worth by. Their labels are what we use to define ourselves with. NONE of those labels are real or true. Every one of them are a lie created to control you. To manipulate you to another's will. It is these beliefs we choose to place our faith and trust into that create the hell we perceive around us. They manifest the diseases we incur within us such as cancers.

I myself have had cancers and other diseases in this body. My body has been broken and dying from these diseases and the accidents that broke my bones. When I chose to look at the things I was believing in as being true and defining me… I found every single one was a lie. I looked within my own heart and mind with God and Holy Spirit and asked for the corrections to my beliefs…

As they showed me the truth of my choices to believe I was able to let go those lies and chose to accept the Truth they laid before me. That in everything I am responsible because I am the one choosing that belief in that judgment as being what will define me. I am the one making everything real. Every disease I was diagnosed with was healed with no medications or surgeries. They healed instantly and my doctors had no understanding of how I did it. All they could tell me was to keep doing what I was. I let go everything I was taught to believe in as defining me and this world and my brothers within it. When I did I healed… That was eight years ago… They also told me I would never walk unaided again… I walk on my own two feet now without any aides… I stopped listening to and blindly believing what was being said to me any more….

The attacks in Brussels, Paris, Syria, and other parts of the world are needed catalysts. They are the triggers that are bringing to light all that has been kept hidden and in the dark. They are permitting humanity to look at what is happening and make an active choice to choose differently. That these experiences are not what we as co-creators would like to experience any longer.

When you entered this reality you knew the Truth of who you were within you. The moment you began to forget who you are is the moment you chose to accept a judgment or experience as being the truth and defining you. You began to believe in death and pain and suffering. You began to believe you were less than whole, innocent, lovable, kind, good… You kept choosing to believe their judgments. You chose to conform to whatever they told you and pain and suffering became the results of those choices you have made.

It is your choices to believe that are in question here. Because those choices are what has you living in a nightmarish hell of pain and suffering with no discernible way out of it without death being the end result… Consider what it is I share here with you. You are the one with the power here. You just think someone else has authority over you in this instant. That my brothers is the key to the illusion… That belief that someone else has authority over you and that YOU are only a victim of the world you perceive.

Blessings on your journeys my brothers. Hugs and love. You are loved. I love you.