Hello world. The following was written 04/08/2020.

There is an aspect being brought before me that Spirit has had me looking at. The possibility that Trump is being coerced right now to go along with what Fauci is saying or worse would be done to US the American People and Humanity as a whole.

A brother shares, "I believe Trump has been threatened with an actual bioweapon unleashed on the nation... if he does not comply with the deep states plans.

This is just a sample to scare him.

This virus, which is really not that deadly, is just them showing him what they can and will do, but the other choice will be a far worse version, if he doesn’t do as they say

I truly have come to (strongly) suspect this.

And that’s why it’s time to start praying if you haven’t already.

Pray for liberty in this nation."

My response, "Hello my brother. What you put forth here has possibility. What we may be witnessing is how ones love is used against them to control and manipulate them to conform and comply willingly to save those they care about. Two years ago I wrote an article talking about this aspect of the journey. The article is titled, "How our love is used to manipulate us to another’s will."


My brothers in many ways your love is being used against you right now. Consider reading that which is shared here by clicking the link or copy pasting it into your browser. Read what is placed before you and comprehend the gift in understanding that is handed you in this. You are given an opportunity to stop what is happening by choosing differently for yourselves.

Blessings on your journeys my brothers. Hugs and love. You are loved. I love you.