Corey Goode isn't the only whstleblower!  President Trump knows the secret is out.  The TR3-B patent has surfaced.  Lockheed's fusion reactor patent is available.  Laura Eisenhower has discussed the Mars Colony that already exists.  I have disclosed facts declassified by the passage of time.  Anything over 36 years old is declassified by Congressional Law (U.S. CODE).  Most classified documents are declassified by 12 year automatic downgrading and declassification--which can only be exempted twice.

     Our Government, however, is concerned over possible public panic at the existence of Aliens, some of which are hostile.  Also disclosures expose previous coverup since the early 1980's.

     SECRET ASTRONAUTS are routinely 'mind wiped' to prevent disclosure.  But the 'mind wipes' wear off after a number of years.  At 72 years of age my flashbacks of mind wiped missions have now turned to memory of the missions.  For example, I visited the Secret Space Program Space Station.  And, it's not the International Space Station!  I have also done battle against Aliens in a TR3-B in Outer Space!


     Here is another whistleblower discussing the Secret Space Program and mentioning the 'mind wipes' that were used.


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The announcement by the Trump Administration about 'Space Force' had to happen because the secret cannot be kept anymore. Information is now leaking in regards the U.S. Secret Space Programs operations on Mars. Whistleblowers are starting to come forward with Shocking Information.
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Part of a transmission from the space shuttle Discovery back to Houston intercepted by an amateur radio operator includes "We still have the alien spacecraft under observance." Full Episodes Streaming FREE on AHC GO:
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Apollo 18 movie.  This is fiction.  But I flew on this mission as the Command Service Module Pilot.  It was a secret flight out of Vandenberg AFB.  The gantry was to short for the CSM at the top, so a crane lifted us up to the hatch!  The Landing Module never returned.  [The scenes in this movie are fictional.]