Do you feel a need to be spiritual in order to stay healthy in mind and body? Have you ever wondered if there was a connection between your spiritual experiences and your physical well-being? Many other people have thought about the same questions, and not just in modern history. Now, however, scientific studies have been done that suggest the benefits of spirituality on physical health are real indeed. Here are a few ways that might be so.



Have you ever tried to meditate or pray when you were hungry, tired, achy, or anxious about something? It doesn’t usually go well at these times, since focusing on spiritual matters (or even abstract ones) can be awfully difficult when you’re distracted with any of these very human issues. No matter how spiritual as we want to be, admitting we are human and taking care of physical needs when necessary helps us to focus on more important matters. But the opposite can also be true: fasting for religious purposes is a time-honored practice. Ignoring the body’s non-immediate needs can sharpen the focus and increase self-discipline. Learning when to eat first and when to pray or meditate first is a challenge, but can be part of your spiritual and physical health.



Finding balance in the crush of modern life can be difficult, even for the best of people. Sometimes people focus too much on material needs and wants, and ignore the need to pray, meditate, or just sit in a beautiful space and contemplate life. Others spend so much time in their spiritual lives that they neglect their bodies and responsibilities in the outside world. Neither approach is healthy. Exercising, eating well, taking vitamins such as bio complete 3 coupon, and making time each day for spiritual matters can be part of a balanced life. Balance can help bring resilience – it’s hard to rock a balanced boat – and being balanced should help you weather life’s storms.



Modern opinions on spirituality lead some to believe that spiritual habits are a solitary pursuit, or even divisive at worst. Throughout history, however, spiritual beliefs have brought people together into community more than separated them. Humans are social creatures who thrive best in the company of other humans, especially with beliefs that unite them. These common beliefs provide not just a purpose for the community, but a framework of services of mutual benefit for every member. These can include emotional support, financial support, sharing of resources in a disaster, childcare, grief support when loved ones pass away and the support of prayers and goodwill when sickness arises. This is perhaps a broader application of the intertwining of physical and spiritual health, however, people can actually die from becoming too isolated. These kinds of supports nurture people in spiritual communities, and they nurture their communities in turn.



Study after study shows that the modern way of living causes extraordinary amounts of stress, and thus cortisol (the stress hormone) to flood the body. This brings a cascade of negative effects including sleeplessness, irritability and weight gain. Stress is also scientifically linked to every single major disease excepting cancer. Meditation, prayer, taking time to stop and simply be, which can all be spiritual practices, have been proven to help stress reduction in both mind and body, and provide relief to people suffering from depression and anxiety, which are the emotional side effects of too much stress.



Last but not least, there is some evidence that the consistent practice of strong spiritual beliefs may help contribute to healing the body of physical ailments. Science has recently proven that there is indeed a mind-body connection, and what a person believes, which affects their emotional state, can truly influence their physical health as well.

Whatever your personal beliefs, there is room for better physical and spiritual health. Don’t neglect either one, and you can be a healthier, more resilient person all around.