Hello world. The following is from 2018.

To those in alternative media, radio, freelance reporters and the average citizens, now is the time for UNITY! Each of the venues you have chosen have an underlying connection to them. Each one has a connection to the others. Each of you are seeking a "FORM" of "DISCLOSURE" for the particular venue that is speaking to you and is closest to your hearts.

Something to consider here is that each of these venues are interconnected. Some of you are seeking from a political point of view. Some are seeking from a legal point of view. Some are seeking for technology. Some are seeking from a paranormal and metaphysical point of view. Some are seeking from a medical perspective. Some are seeking from the search of new life or Extraterrestrial life perspectives. Some are seeking the Truth of our histories. While others are seeking from the victimization point of view of saving our children, humanity and the planet. What each of you are seeking here is the exact same thing from the exact same source.

Each of your points of views that you are seeking from are actually connected one to the other. All of you are seeking the exact same thing here, Disclosure. What is not recognized here is that the connection to each of these are the exact same source. Our religions and governments both federal and domestic, meaning state, city or township are the ones hiding the Truth from We The People. Each of these entities are following a similar set of rules and guidelines that are setting them apart from that of the average citizen. Religion and government seem to always work hand in hand to keep the masses in their places and under a semblance of control through the prohibitions they create and the fear tactics they use if you do not comply with their demands immediately.

The same prohibitions that We The People are being FORCED to comply to are not being followed by the very people who are enforcing them on us. The rampant corruption of this system of law is what is at question here. For it is this very system that has been allowing the very ones we place in these positions of power to use that power against us.

These entities are using the data they gather through corporations, social media platforms, religious organizations and our personal interactions with medical and government agencies such as the IRS to psychologically profile you. They in turn then use this data to create the television programs, movies, plays, books, magazine articles, music, mainstream news media you listen to, watch and even these video games being played. All of these things are being used as tools to plant subliminal seeds of doubt, fear and submission to those who state they are the authority.

So many of these things being pushed on us are being done on a subliminal level that we are not even aware of until we find ourselves reacting to the invisible vice that has been closing in on us and crushing our ability to simply be. All is created to have you question your own ability to discern and to be Self Governing. To have you seeking for someone else to tell you what to do and be responsible for you. To have you cowering in fear that everyone is out to kill you because of your race, religion, political stance, beliefs or skin color. All are used to create a false facade that only those in authority have the answers and can save you. These are the things you have been getting trained to blindly follow, accept and believe in without questioning on a subliminal level through those mediums of delivery I mentioned above.

Humanity what you have been seeking here and asking for is transparency, accountability, equality under the law and for these TRANSGRESSIONS AGAINST THE PEOPLE that have been kept hidden and secret to be revealed or DISCLOSED to We The People fully with nothing being hidden any more or ever again.
Humanity this Disclosure you have been seeking from different directions and venues of thought are connected together to the same source which is the governments and world religious leaders. They have their hands in each others pockets pulling the puppet master strings of those around them.

Humanity now is the time for Unity for you all are seeking the exact same thing. All of you are seeking justice and freedom from the tyranny you have been under. Each of you are seeking for the fastest way to freedom from the oppression you have been under.

Humanity you were created to be Sovereign Beings with Free Will to discern what resonates as Truth for you to decide what it is you would choose to be and do in being Self Governing. In everything you are the one who is choosing what it is you will do and what it is you will willingly CONFORM to. Every prohibition that these governments and religious leaders place before you is a judgment being used to control you and take away your rights to choose what it is you would like to do for YOU.

In willingly accepting these prohibitions you willingly hand away your rights of Sovereignty. You are willingly choosing to be a slave to someone else's dictates and will. Every time you try to take away another beings rights to choose for themselves you are asking for your rights to be taken away from you. Every time you judge another for what it is they are choosing for themselves you are asking to be judged your choices to be as you would choose to be.

This belief that you have a right to judge those around you is what is causing the chaos you witness being played out around you. You will see what it is you are choosing to believe and judge to be true for you. All of you judge and believe that someone else has authority over you. That you are required to accept and follow these prohibitions that are being handed to you. None of these things are true.

The U.S. Constitution states that our government is not allowed to subvert our rights and freedoms to be Sovereign Beings who are SELF GOVERNING. Yet every single prohibition and subsequent law that has been created has been used to SUBVERT the Constitution and the rights of We The People. Every single one has been used as a tool of leverage against the people to enslave them to an imaginary machine of control. Each one creates a chain that binds us within our own minds in a belief that we MUST and HAVE to COMPLY with what is being DICTATED to us.

If one tries to take legal action against these over reaches within our government and demand their Sovereignty back, they are told they must give up their "rights of citizenship" to this country. Humanity this IS NOT TRUE! What is in question here is the illegal actions being taken by these government entities to subvert our CONSTITUTIONAL Rights of Sovereignty. All of these agencies are spokes in the wheel of the machine. Each of them will be removed and looked at thoroughly. Each of them will be seen for the disease that that are and removed permanently.

Humanity the Truth is coming out and all of you will need to make a choice and take a stand here shortly. For UNITED you will stand and clean out this corruption. Divided you will each fall one after the other. For as you chose to keep silent when they came for them. No one will be there to speak for you when they come for you.

The time is NOW to extend the olive branch to each other in UNITY. Recognize that you are all seeking the EXACT same thing from the same place. There is no difference between you. All of you are heading to the same place to seek the Truth's that have been hidden from you. ALL PATHS LEAD TO THE SAME DESTINATION! Sovereignty of Being with Free Will to Choose what resonates as Truth for YOU to be Self Governing.


Please be the Light, I see you to be. Please be the Light, I know you to be. Please be the Light, you are meant to be. Please choose to be the Light.

Blessings on your journeys my brothers. Hugs and love. You are loved. I love you.