I once found a 'House' on a PIA photo of Mars.  Weeks later when I went back to the Web Site to, once again, check the photo the 'House' had disappeared!  The NASA photograph with the same PIA had changed.  Now there was a wall of sand where the House had been.

A picture of the 'House' charpened and bronzed.


     The entire picture was much larger.  The 'House' was a cropped enlargement taken from a PIA showing Mt. Sharp.


This Video is an 'inside' of what NASA sometimes does.  Supposedly, to protect Americans from exposure to mind rendering images that would cause them to go insane and commit suicide.



Video on the Mars House!


     And, I've been looking at this fine fellow for years and haven't gone insane yet.  Not a bad looking Gray:  mature, intelligent, sincere.