Hello world. The following is from 2017.

Every day my brothers share where they are at on their journeys and ask questions as to why they are experiencing the things they do. I hear their calls for love in the sharing of their trials and tribulations. I hear their Souls calling out for healing from the pain and suffering they go through. I witness the myriad ways they try to stop this pain from happening too. When we share openly, honestly and authentically our own personal journeys we open a door for our brothers to witness another way to see their own situations from. We extend to them an opportunity to heal as we have been healed…

A brother asks, "all the Facebook friends please block me. I not like to block me in fractions, I want in total then the pain will be less."

My response, "Something to consider here brother, to block is to deny. Whatever it is you are experiencing in the moment consider this… It is happening exactly as it needs to happen so you may gain a better understanding of who you are within you. Everything that is happening or has happened is for your benefit and is happening exactly as it has been orchestrated to just for you. Just so you could learn who you are within you. Once you understand what the purpose of that experience was for you are to share that understanding with your brothers/the world so that all may heal as you have just been healed."

A brother shares, "I don't want to be a judge anymore."

My response, "Then choose to be a witness instead brother. Choose to witness the Truth around you without judging it. When you choose to do this in any given moment, peace shall be your reward as well as an understanding of all this is, that is choosing to manifest around you…"

A brother shares, "Your own healing is a powerful contribution to the healing of everyone."

My response, "It is through our own healing that we are able to extend that healing to our brothers and the world. Every one of our experiences are and have been orchestrated so we may learn who we are within us. It is through these experiences we learn who we are through the healing we receive. We extend these understanding to our brothers so they may be healed as we have. This is how our healing is of benefit to all. When we extend what we receive we heal and heal the world."

Just a reminder my brothers. All dialogues are to be kept out in the open for all to witness. Whatever is being shared in the moment is of benefit to all and not just those in the conversation. For this reason I am not permitted to participate in private messaging, video chats, and private phone calls. Please respect this directive from my guides, by not requesting or sending me invitations to private sessions. Thank you my brothers for your understanding in this. That everything is for the healing of all.

Blessings on your journeys my brothers. Hugs and love. You are loved. I love you.