Hello world. The following is from 2017.

Understand, our brothers calls for love are the very judgments they would hand to you as being true and defining who you are. That when our brothers are in judgment of us, they in truth are in judgment of themselves and those things they are unable to accept about themselves. In those moments they are holding misconceptions about who THEY ARE and are meant to be.

A brother shares, "People judge you as if they were perfect."

My response, "Our brothers judge as they have been taught to judge. They project out on the world their judgments of what they believe everything and everyone to be, including themselves. When they judge another brother they are telling everyone what they believe themselves to be. In the moments they judge another it has nothing to do with the one being judged but the one doing the judging.

What another judges you to be has no merit or meaning in any way. The moment it begins to have meaning for you will be the moment you choose to accept that judgment as being the truth and defining who you are or are supposed to be. Accepting another's judgments or opinions blindly without question will bring extreme pain and suffering to the one accepting it. In those moments of blind acceptance one begins to choose to conform to another's will and dictates. They hand away their free will to choose for themselves who and what they would like to be.

Consider these judgments being handed to you again and see them as a call for love instead. That your brother is believing themselves to be something they are not. In those moments recognize how they are judging themselves and ask them to forgive themselves for doing so. They were taught to do this from the moment they were born and did not know differently."

Blessings on your journeys my brothers. Hugs and love. You are loved. I love you.