Hello world. The following is from 2016.

I read a Channeling Erik blog this morning on the Ascended Masters and how they say there is no end to the journey or learning and that they experience more than most. It makes sense that they would experience more than most and recognize that there is no end to the journey. That we are constantly learning and experiencing new levels of understanding as we journey along our perspective paths.

This has been my own personal experience as well. That everything I have experienced is for my benefit. That the more I experience the easier it is for me to connect with others. To meet them where they may be on their journey with compassion and understanding. To share a different perspective of similar situations. To show that there is another way of looking at any given situation. That it is our choice to judge whatever we are experiencing in the way we do that colors our perceptions of what we will perceive.

My hubby and I have been watching videos on ancient civilizations, lost languages, and lost cultures/races. The similarities in their histories and teaching have been jaw dropping. I wondered if anyone has ever consider speaking to the old Egyptian Gods and rulers? Ask them about their temples, belief systems, and their drawings or hieroglyphics found everywhere. What the purpose was of the buildings and the meanings behind it all? How are they connected to the religions of today?

I had a dream the other night where I found myself speaking to a number of beings in a stone room, hall or cavern with a lot of torch and bonfires burning around the area with one huge one in the middle in a giant bowl. The names that come to mind for those beings speaking with me are Thoth, Isis, Sehkmet, and Akhenaten. There were others there, but I don't remember them speaking. They sat and listened nodding their heads.

They were talking about the Ascension of Humanities consciousness. Our awakening to who we are within and our abilities to manifest what we focus on. That the power is within us. That those seeking Truth are the ones who become the Master Teachers that teach the way. It is this seeking of Truth that has set them apart from the rest of Humanity. They no longer are willing to blindly follow without question what they are told. Instead they question everything and ask to be shown the Truth. Accepting, allowing, and living what they believe in.

Thoth was talking about the pyramids and his building of them from the top down. That he used the powers within him to visualize and then create what was in his mind from his own internal energy. Of how he and his companions had to create an energy field or grid that would allow "us" to ascend spiritually in a very short amount of time.

That we were given 13k years to do this ascension where most civilizations do this process over 100k years. He was talking to me about the next steps in the process. Of letting go the belief in the body as limited. Of green crystal tablets depicting his journey to Immortality. Of reaching Eternal Life and becoming as Gods with the ability to create with our thoughts and life energy as he can. That this is where Humanity is heading back to. The ability to be one with All That Is.

I recognize the Beings I mentioned are all Egyptian Gods. I have always felt a very deep pull to the languages lost through time. Something about how there is a connection of one unto the other. That each was a part or portion of another. That the sounds or tones are the key and not the words we think they are. Maybe there is something available out there to give some clarity on that one about the sounds. The words I keep hearing are tonal vibrations are the key to manifestation… Hmmm, interesting…

Blessings on your journeys my brothers. Hugs and love. You are loved. I love you.