aplologies for the crinkly noises and background noises. My neck was braced up on a plastic covered pillow and with quarantine our place is a bit louder.

minimal translation:

orbital/planets? something about a planet? star formation cluster? is in motion.

"There is movement"

and the impression with speakers is this is about incoming energy- "slow revolution" is also impressed.

Speaker/s impressing a sort of process ongoing but in proximity to our planet and density. It seems more like history? than current events.

Solar is impressed as a radiation influence. An older speaker threaded in- they wanted to explain the mechanics and images of rockes and soil/sand were shown- and then sky locations were pointed at, in relation to these. It seems that there is a sort of time stamp? of planetary alignments and "crossings" based on the composition of these rocks/soil/sand. It looked like it was meant to illustrate a timeline or evolution of sorts. It seems to be connected to what they are showing as a cyclical experience- it feels illustrated as a process and shown to help us understand our current experience with radiation? Speaker : "to examine" and this is impressed as a directive and a sort of key to helping with what is happening "here" but also as a future marker?


Speaker suggesting they are doing this as a "preservation of life"- an assist. I ask- isn't this free will interference? but the response is that it is not guidance, only "illustration" and this is why resulting history or outcomes are not emphasized or shown. I get a sense it is agriculture and ecosystem related but they will  not confirm- there is a planetary impression of us being able to sort of track and equate an outcome with examining radaition/solar influence in our ecosystem.


I ask if this is what some term as global warming but they smile and shake their heads- they point again to star clusters and the soil/sand. Fingers are shown rubbing the soil together- another speaker makes a gesture of connecting the soil with stars/planets and does a strange pulling sensation between their hands and the impression is there is a connection between these that influences the  planet - I ask magnetism? and I get a nod but it seems like they are saying it is both "an influence" and "the cause"? The sense being that these elements "work together" and that we have separated them as an interactive ecosystem? on a larger scale. They say "attempted and failed" and a sense of something being hidden and manipulated around this is indicated- it seems both literal and figurative.


"this is one of many experiences"

"when we examine the impact of choices we make- they present with a story of their own- spoken in truths that cannot be hidden"

"the history we share is in kindness- compassion for your experience and our own- a lesson difficult to bear as One"

And the sense is they are refering to how Creation/Source allows us the freedom of individual expression and that this somehow aids us when we experience these lessons as a whole. I am reminded a bit of DID/dissociative identity disorder, with personalities that seemingly split a single psyche into manageable processing.

When we allow more "views" we are able to "expand" the lesson and we "co create as One" (impressed)

(Reminds me of law of one but I have not really been able to study that or the Urantia much so do not want to speak directly to those).


"we sew together" - and to clarify- sew not sow.


"...the old ones come and go, they speak and we listen and we grow- but they (old ones) must grow too, as we learn together and expand as One"


"Yanna" was shown spelled like that- but sounding like "ee-yah-na" and was said alot at one point- each time I spoke it, and when I would hear it to translate- it felt like a combination of sorrow and joy. I wanted to cry saying/hearing it each time- it felt like a feeling around my heart? Both sorrow/joy. That part felt like it was a prayer? blessing? over us and the experience being described- it felt like it was meant to help with energies around this experience they are currently explaining about the soil- and an impression of destruction came with this related to the soil/radiation - as if this was maybe connected to a very large loss and the blessing is intended to both heal the energy from that and to keep it from happening again- as if the energy AP/"has its own body".


The tones- were difficult this time but were like purging- these would start and stop midway and just air would come out- I wasn't sure why this happened this way- usually they are pretty even? but it felt like something was being pushed through to clear- and the speakers are confirming off translation that this was in regards to the energy and why Yanna was "said" - it felt a little like a spiritual cleaning of my wind pipes.


Last speaker came in with more blessings- for some reason this experience came with an energy that seems to need more intervention (maybe just for me)- speaker off translation says "sticky" and AP suggests that my own resonance is affected by this RS because of my experiences with loss. As much as I find that to be uncomfortable (the idea that I am that "sticky" with my energy) I also feel relieved- it doesn't feel personal, more like an indicator of a larger experience we all have.

After finishing typing that last sentence out, a very strong floral smell of Stargazer lillies wafted through my room.

It is a favorite flower of mine, but also reminds me of lost loved ones.

As all-ways, they close in love.