Highlight many of the characteristic features of gaming addiction. According to the American Classification of Mental Disorders (DSM-IV, 1994), it is enough for a person to have five out of ten symptoms.

 1. A person is passionate about the game and always returns to it in his thoughts, intentionally tries to abandon gambling or, conversely, is looking forward to another opportunity; considers options - where to get money for the game;

2. Does not stop the game with an ever increasing volume of bets. It is heated by an increasing severity of sensations;

3. More than once made attempts to overcome his passion for the game;

4. Comes into the world of the game in order to get away from the real world: to escape from internal and external problems (to remove a feeling of helplessness, guilt, anxiety, depression, and so on);

5. Returns to the game the day after he lost in order to be able to recoup (while the thought of losing does not give him rest);

6. It shows anxiety and irritability if it plays less or completely refuses to play;

7. Lies to family, doctors and other people, so as not to show their addiction;

8. A person had to commit illegal actions: he went to fraud, theft, forgery and the like in order to find funds for the game;

9. Endangers and is even ready to break off relations with family, relatives and friends, quit work or study in the name of the game;

10. If, due to a game, he loses money to support himself and his family, he shifts the solution of problems to others;

 Most often, men are addicted to the game, but for women it is more difficult (however, like any other form of addiction: for example, women get drunk faster, become drug addicts, it is more difficult for them to overcome addiction). Passion for the game occurs in them three times faster, and it is less treatable. And ladies fall into the net of excitement at a more mature age, and the reasons for that are different for them than for men. Gambling in women is usually accompanied by depression, in men - alcoholism. Although people prone to gambling, in principle, often combine many types of addictions - both alcoholism and drug addiction. It is clear that all this leads to sad consequences: the players are characterized by quarrels with relatives and friends, divorces and a frequent change of work.

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