Conspiracy Reality and Dark Forces?  This is a real possibility we have to face during Covid-19.  America is beginning to Colonize.  Aliens are watching this.  Are we under clandestine attack?


     The deeper you go down the rabbit hole the darker it becomes.  Be Prepared!



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MUST SEE ~ Ascension DNA upgrades? Or further enslavement and genetic modification? Lets agree to disagree and choose LOVE! Please just research and have an open mind!
Added Bonus:
Picture of Space Shuttle Columbia BEFORE it burned up in the atmosphere.  The picture shows the nose and cabin which is forward of the wings.  Notice that there is no heat plasma in the picture!  An astronaut took this picture (taken from a video).  The astronaut was floating outside the shuttle in a space suit.  The astronaut wasn't in hot plasma yet either.  If he had been he wouldn't have been able to photograph the shuttle.
Here is the Video:
We were told that it was a normal shuttle mission and that a piece of foam from the fuel tank hit the wing upon lift-off. That piece of foam dislodged a heat shield tile and Columbia broke up during reentry. But what about the bogeys (UFOs) reported during the flight? What about the footage of the shuttle torn apart BEFORE reentry? What are we NOT being told? Something smells fishy. - Conspiracy Otter