Summer 2020 is going to be unlike anything we've seen before. With the economy struggling to recover and the possibility of a second wave of pandemic infections, the world is struggling to recover and struggling to figure out what to do next. A lot of people are asking themselves what they can do to help, and oftentimes the answer is only to keep yourself and your loved ones safe and healthy. However, you may find that staying healthy in this day and age looks a little different than it did before. 

Exercise at Home

Skip the gym for now and stay healthy at home. There are plenty of exercise routines that don't require equipment and plenty of supplements like Power Life by Tony Horton that can help you stay healthy at home. If you're craving the social aspect of the gym, you can recreate it to some degree on social media and through apps and challenges. Missing your friends for a few weeks or even months is better than missing them forever. 

Eat Healthier

Americans do not, as a rule, eat healthy, and now more than ever it is all too easy to get stuck in a loop of eating junk food, or eating just to have something to do while you're stuck at home. That is a cycle you must figure out how to break, both for yourself and for the community. There will likely be intermittent shortages at the grocery store, so rather than hoarding food and eating more than you need, try to reduce how much you're eating, and consequently how much you're buying. With limited supplies, there will be others out there who need that food more than you do. 

Skip Traveling

As summer goes on, it's going to be harder and harder to resist a quick trip to the beach or to visit family, but it's also more important than ever to abstain. Travel is a luxury at the best of times, but this summer it will be downright risky. Better to hold off and have a happier, healthier trip next year.

Don't Skip the Doctor

Your instinct might be to cancel that appointment. Perhaps now isn't the best time to go in for your yearly checkup. Before you do, however, remember that a delay now could spell disaster later. Exercise caution, of course: many doctor's offices are offering digital appointments to prevent in-person contact, but as the peak of cases pass, it's okay to start going to the doctor for essential health and wellness visits. 

Mind Your Mental Health

Your mental health is just as important as your physical health. If you have a therapist, it might be wise to check in with them and if you don't have a mental health professional, check your insurance to see what is covered. The current situation is stressful to say the least. There is the constant threat of spreading the disease, and the strain of being forcibly separated from your usual social circles. The people who usually provide your emotional and mental support systems may be struggling themselves, or entirely unavailable to you, so it's important to take charge of your mental health yourself. You can also use products like young living essential oils to help with depression and axiety. Remember, the health of your mind is just as important as the health of your body. 

Better Safe Than Sorry

The point here is to err on the side of caution this summer. It's a critical time for yourself, your friends, your family and your community. The actions of individuals will determine whether we see a second wave or a steady decline of new cases. For your own sake and the sake of everyone around you, stay healthy and stay safe this summer. 

Part of what makes this summer different, and makes this crisis unlike anything we've faced before, is that more than ever you must help each other and protect each other by protecting yourself first. It does not come naturally to stay away in times of need, but sometimes the best thing you can do is put on your own mask first.