Hello world. The following is from 2017.

My brothers bring up their struggles with the words being used by their brothers and their own limiting ability to see beyond the surface of what is placed before them. How their judgments block them from seeing below the surface of what they perceive before them.

A brother states, "Don't let the spiritual words like Awakened and Awareness cripple your ability to remove something or someone out of your life. These words and even their concepts are just pointers. What you are can never change. Some people you add by accident on your Facebook list are troll or just there to hinder your life. Just remove them and block them. Don't hesitate. Even your whole account, if it keeps you stuck in confusion, deactivate the thing. Just like you turn away from all certain religious beliefs and a certain friends in your everyday life, do the same on Facebook. Life is real and it exists. It is all there is. The essence of it is invisible and it is your true nature. But life is real. So keep it real and delete those people that don't appreciate your efforts. They will find something else to do with their time. I have been really patient with a couple of them myself. But I start deleting them. They are not thoughts. You can delete them and move on, and add new people. In fact, if you can't do that, you are not free!"

My response, "Something to consider here brother is that "words" are but symbols of symbols and only have the meanings you have chosen to give them. Every word you use and it's inherent meanings have been taught to you or you have chosen to give it the meaning it has for you.

In life you start out as a child listening to and copying or mimicking those around you. As you get older you begin to actively seek out the names and meanings of everything around you and everyone. To blindly accept and believe these words and meanings being given to you. Just as everyone else in the world has been doing.

Every word you use has multiple meanings. You learn the meanings your family has for a word. Then the meaning your peers use for it. Then the meanings society has for it. Then the meanings you have given it. Now comes the True meaning God has given it…

In everything we are trained to filter what we think we perceive through a system of judgments we have been taught to perceive everything through. Judgments created to control and manipulate us to another's will and dictates. We do this so we may be accepted by them and those around us. Every aspect of our lives have been based on a mechanism of controlled manipulations. To have us constantly hiding who we are and want to be from everyone around us, including ourselves.

Walking away from and blocking our brothers does us no good if we are unable to comprehend why it is we are doing as we do. When I choose to walk away from my family and peers I look within my heart and mind with God, Holy Spirit, Higher Self, and all of my personal Spiritual Guides. I ask questions as to what it is I am perceiving and why it is I am choosing to believe as I am. More often than not I find I am the one in judgment or that I am experiencing judgments from them. It is not until I choose to look at and question my experience that I am given an answer and a direction to go. Whether that direction be to walk away or have a conversation instead to Stand in my own Light of Truth and share my understandings as they have been shown to me.

Our purpose here is to learn who we truly are within these shells we call our bodies. To understand that we are wholly perfect just as God created us. How we have been taught to think, believe, and perceive is what we are here to correct and heal from. That every judgment we hold forth as being true is a lie and we have chosen that lie over the absolute Truth of who we truly are within. Every label you use to define you is a lie. None of them are real or true. None of them had meaning or value until you chose to accept them as being what defines who you are and are supposed to be.

I keep reading your posts brother and all I am witnessing are your judgments and opinions of how you think and believe everything is and is supposed to be. You label your brothers and the world as being less than perfect or whole. Consider again your choices to believe as you do. Consider questioning everything you think you knew. Consider looking at every experience you have had and ask to be shown how you have judged it to be something it is not. It will not be until you choose to look within at these things and question your choices to believe in them that True healing may occur.

It is finding the willingness within you to dive below the surface you have been treading on, that the anchors holding you in place may be found and released. Like the Titanic you are going full steam ahead straight at your own personal iceberg. In every instance you fail to look below the surface at what has been there all along laying in wait to bring you down and keep you there permanently. How every judgment and opinion you are holding onto are the tethers that are binding you…"

Blessings on your journeys my brothers. Hugs and love. You are loved. I love you.