Hello world. The following was written 5/22/2020.

Spirit has been guiding me to post my articles on multiple platforms to reach the most people exponentially. I do not advertise for I am not selling anything. I AM sharing Truth. Truth is censored wherever it is shared these days. So I share far and wide when I am able.

Interesting, how I am getting all kinds of questions on different platforms to my articles and when I respond there are crickets. Makes me think those posing the questions are bots or trolls. Maybe troll bots.

I had a brother ask a question about the title of an article I wrote.

A brother asks, "What is the source of the quote "Those who seek Truth become the Master Teachers that will teach the way"?"

My response, "The quotes are to depict the title of the article. I AM the author or writer of the article and the words are my own. They are the translation of what was being taught me in those moments of what I AM choosing so able to manifest energetically here in this reality I perceive."


I had someone ask me the following on Onstellar.

A brother asks, "Are you in contact with any of the ascended masters? Manifesting a higher tier of the creators wisdom can help gain wisdom through the manipulation of the patterns of reality that govern existence, and let's face it that solving the mysteries of the universe is the fulfillment of the seekers purpose. I am unbound to the Manifest, but I could always use an Astral guide to gain additional realization of wisdom techniques. For example, I have never Astral projected intentionally. Anything you can help with in these regards?"

My response, "Hello brother. I have many Guides on my journey and most do not give names. Their teaching is that the messenger does not matter, it is the messages they bring that matter so focus on the message and not the messenger. The ones that have given their names are Thoth, Metatron and a Counsel of 9 and another of 12 during channeling sessions or states. I follow no one other than Spirit and my Guides. I may only read of the materials they permit me to partake of.

I AM severely dyslexic. All I know and understand has been taught to me by Spirit and my Guides on my journey. They use my Dyslexia to block me from taking in that which has mired and trapped my brothers on their journeys of pain and suffering.

I have traversed the labyrinth within my mind with Spirit tracing back the steps taken from where I am to where I began to see when and where I chose to step from the path of Truth and Light into the Darkness of illusions becoming my reality. To see when, where and how I was manifesting that which I was experiencing through my choices to believe and judge as I was. Learning how it is I manifest through my intentions using my mental and emotional energy to create what I am choosing to focus on fully.

As for astral travel, I have not tried doing any of it intentionally. I accept so allow it to happen naturally understanding that I AM crossing bridges or dimensions and LIVING alternate lives in alternate realities simultaneously consciously and unconsciously. On my journey Thoth taught how the Universe is a Mental Construct created within the mind of the Individual and projected outwards as what is perceived so experienced as their reality through the intensity of their beliefs.

Does this answer your questions brother?"


Was my response too philosophical? Did I get to deep? Are these bots asking these questions and my deep responses to much for them to compute? Or, am I blowing my brothers minds, making them think and ask questions like I am and have been doing? Seek and you shall find. All that I know Spirit shows, teaches and tells me or points me where to look for the Truth above all else, even that which I would want to be the truth. When I ask I am shown. The quality of the question asked reflects the quality of the answers given. Ask! Meaning ask the right questions and the answers may be given you.

Blessings on your journeys my brothers. Hugs and love. You are loved. I love you.