Hello world. The following is from 2017.

My brothers bring forth questions on expectations and contemplation of those things we are taught to keep us busy and NOT looking within at what it is we have or are experiencing in the moment.

A brother shares, "Me and my mania, think the others would do for me, what I would do for them."

My response, "Something to consider here brother is that there seems to be an expectation being held by you. That if you do for another they should then be willing to do the same for you. That my brother would be what my spiritual guides call giving to get. A belief is being held that everyone "should" think, believe, act, and react as you are choosing to do. This is simply not true my brother. No one is obligated to think, believe, say, and do as another brother. That is part of the lie we as in humanity has been taught. That we must conform to the dictates of those around us or be condemned and ostracized for choosing differently than they are choosing to do. Consider again these judgments and beliefs you are holding forth here as being what is true and the expectations you have from that belief. The answers and understandings you come to may truly surprise you…

Our thoughts are connected to our emotions. Our emotions are connected to our physical body responses. All are connected to our beliefs. Our beliefs are connected to our judgments and opinions. Our judgments and opinions come from our Core Beliefs. Our Core Beliefs are taught to us by our parents, peers, and the other adults around us. They teach what it is they believe to be true just as it was taught to them.

As children we blindly follow and believe those around us. As adults we start to question those beliefs. Sometimes our fear stops us from pursuing those questions further than the surface layer that we see. For in truth it is an onion or ocean with many layers hidden beneath the surface. Like a labyrinth, the mind has many dark passages and blind corners that lead hither and yon. Each thought is a step into and through that labyrinth to the center. In that center is the core to understanding who you truly are and meant to be.

In the seeking of Truth we uncover the lies that have been hidden from our view. We begin to question everything we think and believe. We begin to ask for clarity and understanding of what it is we think and perceive from Holy Spirit or Higher Self. When we begin to do this in every moment and with every thought we begin to see a pattern. This pattern outlines our experiences and the things we chose to believe. We begin to see how each item I mentioned before is connected one unto the other. In asking for correction understanding comes with healing of mind and body.

Busyness, tiredness, pain and suffering are all distractions created to keep us from looking within at what is eating us from inside. Many were created to focus our attentions outside of us pointing fingers and placing blame. Not recognizing that in ignoring what is being brought before us is to prolong the hell we are in and have created with our own choices to believe as we do. We are hurting ourselves and no one is doing it to us.

All day every day I am talking with my inner guide of Holy Spirit or Higher Self. I am constantly asking questions, such as why, what is it for, and how is it of benefit to me? Each time I am answered with truth. I do it all to myself with my own judgments of what is. I do it to myself with my refusal to accept and allow what is as it is without judging any of it for any reason. Any and every time I judge I am the one who suffers. I do it all to myself and NO ONE has ever done anything to me.

It has always been my judgments of my experiences that has caused me my pain and suffering. Rapes, molestation, beatings, mental and emotional abuses. Every one of these things were an experience that I judged to be bad, wrong, evil and so forth. These were the same judgments handed to me by the adults around me. All were a belief they held and shared with me. I chose to believe them. I chose to enact them on myself. In choosing this I created my own personal Hell of Suffering.

The egoistic thought system is based on following the judgments, opinions, and dictates of those around you. Of believing whatever is said to you as being the truth. We are taught to stay busy with the saying, "Idle hands are the Devil's playground." Think about that statement for a moment. "Idle hands" ARE the "Devil's playground". That saying has taught us to stay busy. To stay distracted from looking within at our thoughts and beliefs and questioning those same items as to their validity in Truth.

Once we can stop and listen to what is happening within us we are able to discern this Truth. That the distractions are ways to keep us from questioning our beliefs. From questioning the dictates we have been blindly following for the majority of our lives. From seeing the Truth of the value we have placed on the valueless. Because the inherent lies in those judgments and opinions are what we have chosen to place our faith, trust, and belief into.

Blessings on your journeys my brothers. Hugs and love. You are loved. I love you.