August 1976 a NASA secret Apollo flight (Apollo 20) went to the Moon to investigate an Alien Spaceship photographed on Apollo 15.  An Alien corpse was discovered and brought back to Earth.  It was a woman William Rutledge nicknamed Mona Lisa.


     Astonishingly she was well preserved despite having been on that ship for thousands of years.  This may have been due to lack of air and the very cold temperatures.  It also may have been advanced technology embedded on her skin with computer like tattoos.


     I was there assisting William Rutledge.  These are REAL pictures of Mona Lisa:


This picture of Mona Lisa may be a model that looked a lot like her or, possibly, an artist's rendering.


     The tattoo's on her lower back, hips, and upper thighs are thought to be a computer.  It's possible that if a computer it may have been responsible for her incredible preservation.

     I have seen a picture on the internet that looks a like a blanket.  I believe that is fake. 

    What I saw looked like these pictures.  There were small thin lines that can't be seen in these pictures.  They were running 3 or more together and made 90 degree turns like computer circuits.



     Apollo 20 was a real mission.  I was a Navy Officer onboard the USS Ogden.  I remember a briefing on why I had to make an emergency flight to Vandenberg AFB because Leonov was unable to make the flight.  We couldn't land at Vandenberg because they were doing air operations.  We landed at Miramar Naval Air Station and I was taken by helicopter to Vandenberg AFB.   


     Panels identical to these were onboard the Alien Spaceship.  And, yes, Mona Lisa had 6 fingers and toes.  Interestingly, her fingernails were long and shaped just like Earth women.  She also had white fingernail polish similar to Earth women.


     While on the Moon during Apollo 20 we investigated an abandoned Alien City.  Here is a picture:


     Apollo 20 was so incredible that many find it difficult to believe.  But it was real.  William Rutledge and I were there.  When I complained about walking 3 miles to the Alien City Rultledge said he was going anyway.  I followed him out the hatch and filmed the City.

     Despite all the debunking America did this more than 40 years ago.  Now we are establishing the United States Space Force to protect our assets in Outer Space.  I believe that we probably have Colonies in Outer Space already.  It's fact that we are preparing to build a 1 million person Colony on Mars.



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