While in Vietnam I did recon on an B-52 carpet bombing jungle raid (ArcLight) circa 1968.  While doing an enemy body count I saw a Saucer floating in the air in a corner of the flattened jungle.  It was large and there was no downward thrust of any kind.  The Green Beret I was with said he would put it on the report as an 'enemy helicopter', a code to describe an Alien Craft.  The North Vietnamese had no helicopters. --Jon Harold LaVine.



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During the Korean War, US soldiers claimed to have encountered hostile enemies of the extraterrestrial kind. Watch today's insane new video that recounts real US military soldiers experiences in North Korea, as their platoon was attacked by glowing UFO's. Let us know what you think of this crazy story in the comments, and if aliens are out there, why are they so shy? Check out my new channel I Am: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCH5Y...



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