I have used weapons in Outer Space.  While these days at 72 years of age I'm watching TV, in years past I have fired nuke tipped missiles at the incoming Comet Elenin.  While firing at Elenin Saucers appeared from the back of Elenin.  I took them out with a Directed Energy Weapon.

     I know that stealthed missiles have proven somewhat capable in Outer Space.  But America, and Earth, have a long way to go before it can deal with the Space Forces of Civilizations that have been in Outer Space for thousands of years!

     When I said that 'War In Outer Space' is coming I know that with thousands of Alien Civilizations it just a matter of time.  In fact, it's already here!  The bottom 1% of Aliens are really something else.  They're mean, vicious little monsters!

     Look what they did to Space Shuttle Columbia:



     And, Aliens were behind--as reported by Russia--a direct hit by Comet Elenin.  So, we're already in it whether you like it or not!



Added Bonus:  Comet Elenin 'mysteriously' breaking up!







     So, take my word for it:  SPACE WARFARE IS ALREADY HERE!


Just for fun--but it could happen any time!



Sergeant Jon Harold LaVine in Vietnam 1968: