We live in an infinity.  There's plenty of room!  But 'others' want to play backgammon to stop others from developing.  In short, every time you grow 'others' move to stop you.  'They', of course, are the BOTTOM 1%!  Miserable creatures.

     I've read that the Drac's try to stop the Nordics.  I don't know if this is true.  I've met Drac's and wasn't harmed.  But if they are trying to stop the Nordics take a good look in the mirror!  Humans ARE Nordics!  Your face, arms, hands, chest, hips, legs, and even your toes look just like their's.

     So we must make friends 'out there' using trade and good will.  We must improve our technology--fast--so we don't get caught with our pants down.  Using old fashioned missiles against devestating energy weapons that are much faster and longer ranged isn't conducive to winning a conflict.  And, we must spread out to other planets, moons, and asteroids so the destruction of a single location doesn't destroy us humans completely.  [Support SpaceX!]  And, keep having babies!

     And, of course, staying in good with Alien Nordics makes good sense too.  And staying in good with ALL the Aliens that like us, at least a little, makes good sense as well. 

     [Stopping human population growth doesn't make any sense at all!  It's a good way to die!]