Today, Mind Control is everywhere.  Small microwave devices can send the brain into a hypnotized state instantly.  At first only Governments had these devices.  Today, many people have them including police and criminals.  And even the criminal element has learned to do memory wipes as well as mind control.  [Keep your doors locked at night with alarms to wake you should someone force entry.]

     Secret Missions were 'mind wiped' to avoid disclosure as well as fear induced by extremely dangerous missions.  It takes many years for memories to return.  When they return it is often in flashbacks where you feel as though the events are happening then, during the flashback.  Those events are detailed including the feel of objects and the multiple thoughts preceeding a decision.  But the flashbacks are limited in duration.  What happened immediately before and after the flashback are empty though they may come back as flashbacks later on.

     Sometimes 'flashbacks' are spontaneous, ususally many years later.  And sometimes they are induced by others--using hypnosis--probing a mission or event.

     MK Ultra can be of great benefit to ensure both the effectiveness and safety of a soldier.  But misuse can also be involved when others attempt to control a soldier's private life.  MK Ultra can even be used to kill a soldier clandestinely, forcing him to make a fatal mistake.  So, like many scientific advances MK Ultra can be used for good and evil.






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