Those who are in a crisis feel the infinite urge to learn more about how things will go in the future. But nobody can give you an answer? Maybe after all ... Spiritual media can take a look ahead and tell you their point of view. These include card layers, fortune tellers, clairvoyants, astrologers and other spiritual media.
However, the choice of the future perspective remains with you. Future horoscopes offer a good way to become aware of the forces and prevailing energies of the coming months. Horoscopes illuminate all areas of life: family, love, work, finance, health. Changes can be seen in financial areas, in relationships or marriages, in the family and with physical health. Often the duration of the energetic energy can be roughly determined. And sometimes you are not at all surprised by the forecast, because it has been weak in the past few weeks. But horoscopes offer more than predictions of a gloomy future - potential, opportunities and transformation opportunities are also recognizable. These can be used especially in times of crisis, such as Corona.
However, many people do not trust this interpretation of the future. It all sounds pretty esoteric and detached. It is better to deal with tangible things that are rational. And yet: once these skeptics come into contact with such a future forecast, doubts arise. Maybe also because a lot of things are true. Even if you can't explain how a horoscope knows what, there is a respect that was not there before.
Basically, all calculations of a future horoscope are based on the dates of your birth. Especially your exact hour of birth and the place of birth. At that time, the planets at Horziont were in a certain constellation. And these constellations reflect forces, energies, potentials, blockages or moments of happiness. They have a lifelong effect and are basically unchangeable, because they correspond to your personality. But you can still work on your weaknesses and improve yourself. But your birth chart predicted deficit will not be completely eradicated. The horoscope that is created at the time of your birth is the radix. With this you can interpret a continuous future horoscope in the here and now. And thus also your future - either for a day, for weeks, for months or even years.
An astrological interpretation for the next few months shows you which energies, powers, happy coincidences, potentials or blockages appear. Not all of the forces actually have to occur in full. It also depends a bit on how you deal with this effect yourself. Such energies and powers can be the following: power to be creative - ambitious, goal-oriented, a lot of work motivation, mental rethinking, accepting ideas that were previously considered impossible and much more. Especially in Corona times, a lot is about income or sales. And many people ask themselves: when will the better times come or when can I open my business again? Such potential opportunities are also emerging in the future horoscope. But the constellations of the planets also have a message for you. Maybe it's time to cut old braids and now is the time. Or the planets ask you to persevere and make the best of the situation. And the request to become socially involved can also be a message that the universe wants to share with you.
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