The main purpose of Cupric Oxide Powder is used as green, red or blue pigments for glass, ceramics, enamel, optical glass polishing agent, oil desulfurization agent, catalyst for organic synthesis, manufacturing artificial gems and other copper oxides. It can also be used for gas analysis and manufacturing rayon.


Copper oxide powder has a wide range of applications. In addition to being a raw material for copper salts, it is also widely used in other fields. Especially in electronic information products, such as mobile phones, computer-related products and other integrated circuits, the demand is strong; while consumption as enamel and ceramic colorants also has a good market performance, the demand is stable; the demand for glass colorants has been in the market in recent years The trend of shrinking; in terms of catalyst application, although the demand is enlarged, the amount is relatively small. The scale of demand for copper oxide powder in my country has expanded year by year.


The industrial uses of copper oxide powder mainly include rayon, ceramics, glaze and enamel, batteries, petroleum desulfurizers, insecticides, hydrogen production, catalysts, green glass, etc.


In fact, there is no difference between light copper oxide powder and heavy copper oxide powder, which are caused by the reaction.