What is Everything?  Answer:  The only thing it can be . . . Nothing!

     How can anything exist?  Well, it can't.  But Nothing, in a sense, is a thing so it can't exist either!  So what happens?

     Well if we depict Nothing as a big Zero and Everything as Infinity, then we have Nothing and Everything co-existing!  Maybe this is why everything is always changing.  It never really was 'anything' in the first place!

     Now how does this view of things affect physics?

     Since we have posited that Everything and Nothing are the same thing what does that make us?  Well, there's an infinity so there are infinitely many of us.  But ultimately we are a void One.  But we need never experience the Void if we keep moving around.

     Ok, ok, this sounds like useless nonsense!  . . . But I suspect it is ultimate fact, ultimate Physics!  And, if it is ultimate Physics then how can we use it.  To use it requires we understand it.  But it seems to defy logic and understanding.  It is a case of things being and not being at the same time and same place.  A clear cut contradiction.

     Perception, which gives us OUR world, requires a case of it's not the case that things are and are not at the same time and in the same place.  You can't see a baseball that isn't a baseball in the same place as a piano!  So, the infinity of gobledegook gets nailed down by DNA.  In fact, DNA can't form unless it is organized and a thing.  With DNA color, sound, taste, smell, touch, and feelings spring into existence.  It's our World!  . . . But it isn't everything.  So we learn and grow and hope for the best.

     So, what is the value of knowing that long hairs say the REAL WORLD is a goobledegook made of . . . nothing!  Why it's the spatial structure, of course!  Note:  space that doesn't really exist anymore than anything else!

     Physcists are now delving into Space/Time that appears to go to infinity--but is always changing for some reason.  That is the spatial dimensions of width, height, and depth go to infinity as well as past and future.  It's that Everything thing, you know.  But it all came out of . . . Nothing!  [Actually Physcists postulate that it comes out of something smaller than an atom!]

     The value of all this is realizing that dimensions go to infinity and that there are an infinity of interdimensions as well.  This is because Everything really means . . . Everything!

     All the above means that with sufficient science we can poke into any interdimension we want and pull out a plum!  Well, get what we want anyway.  If you want energy just realize that all the stars that you see generating huge--beyond belief--amounts of energy are really, with proper scientific manipulation, right where you are right now!

    So, energy isn't really a problem is it?  Likewise with all the materials that you could want.  And, with genuine God Thought you can do, create, and be anything you want!  . . . But you have to BELIEVE this theory!  You have to be One with God!  Fortunately, Devil Worshipers have a difficult time with this!  God save us!


     Now for the videos:



America invented Jump Warp Drive and Teleportation back in 1972!




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     To be Nothing there would have to be a 'knowing' of Nothing.  The Knower, however, is bound to get . . . bored!