In the aftermath of your friend or loved one passing on, you will likely want to pay tribute to them and their life in any means possible. As part of this, there are numerous different forms of memorials that you may wish to consider, in order to ensure that your loved one’s life, successes, achievements and proudest moments are immortalized for everyone to look back on and remember fondly. Understanding the different types of memorials that are available is one way of making sure that your loved one gets the send off that they deserve.



Memorial Options


Probably one of the most inexpensive (and yet, highly descriptive and effective) types of  memorials  that you may wish to consider for your loved one can be the obituary. An obituary can be something simple; it doesn’t need to be anything hugely poetic! Just a brief description of the person’s lifetime is enough to have a big impact! Obituaries are usually then published in a local newspaper. For those individuals facing weeks of grieving, having the obituary can help provide acceptance and closure. 


Another commonly followed tradition that dates back hundreds, if not thousands, of years is using memorial headstones. Humans have been using headstones on graves for such a long time that this is widely regarded as being a significant part of our history as a species. A headstone is, for a loved one whose last wish was to be buried, an essential form of memorial, and one which can also offer a brief glimpse into an individual's life as well.  The headstone of a grave also represents a physical item that can be visited to remember a cherished individual who has passed. 


If you’ve been looking for a slightly different and more unique form of memorial, then you might want to consider collectible jewelry. Collectible jewelry is an important means of representing love for someone who has been lost, and for many individuals, it allows us something which we can hold for a glimpse into the lives of our loved ones, providing comfort in even the darkest of times. Though simple, the meaning behind collectible jewellery as a form of memorial can make it one of the most powerful and personal items that you may wish to have.



In Summary


Getting the memorial right for your loved one is an important part of every family’s grieving process. Don’t stress, though; we’re here to help you find the perfect  headstones and memorials in Avondale PA.