Hello world. The following was written 6/26/2018.

I had someone share how they are being labeled as a racist based on the color of their skin by people they have known for some time. How the judgments of another is causing them upset, pain and suffering. How they are not understanding where these judgments are coming from nor why they are even being propagated. The following was what they had shared and my response to it.

A brother shares, "I am not racist by all means but it seems that people that I've considered my friends at one point in time or another always throwing shit up about white people like tf i didn't ask to be white an shit is that how u feel about me. So over this racist bs everyone entertains it an keeps it going an for what tho."

My response, "Humanity has been trained from birth to see differences in each other. They have been trained to seek out side of themselves for validation, acceptance and approval from everyone around them. They are taught to perceive differences between them and the people standing next to them. They are taught to perceive and believe in lies. Every difference between you and the person next to you is a judgment being held within your own mind. There are no different races. We are ALL part of One Species, one race and that is the HUMAN race. We are all related one unto the other.

I shared a post called the package deal and relationships earlier today. In it I talk about walking away from people who are not willing to accept you as you are, your spouse or life partner and your children. You may find it helpful in perceiving this situation and many others in a different light and perspective than you have up to this point.

Recognize that what another is choosing to believe is their burden to bare and has NOTHING to do with you. Their judgments of you have no merit nor meaning until YOU CHOOSE to accept them as being true for you. The judgments and opinions being handed out to you are what those people are believing of themselves. They are trapped in a cycle of pointing fingers and placing blame for their choices to believe and perceive on someone else. They are trapped in a cycle of fear.

Something to consider here, many people are watching the main stream news and listening to the things these politicians like M Waters are saying and believing them. Waters was calling for people to rise up and "push back" against the Trump administration, Trump supporters, republicans, Christians and White People at the gas pump, stores, shops, restaurants and anyplace you find them.

Now consider how someone who is stating they are the authority is calling for violence against another Human Being. It is all about perspective here. These politicians and the media have been working hand in hand with corporations to spoon feed the populous a steady stream of propaganda and lies to twist your views and perspectives into a fearful state that can provoke violent reactions. Our politicians create the problems with their lies and vitriol then hand us a solution that takes away our rights and freedoms. They terrorize us and then have us begging for them to save us and protect us from them… They are the school yard bully on steroids. They believe they are the authority over you and you are their slave. They tell you that you have no rights other than what they give you. None of that is true.

You are a Sovereign Being with Free Will to be Self Governing. Every law made by man is created to enslave you. Every prohibition you accept as being real and true for you will be a bar to a cage you build within your own mind that will limit you in all you do and choose for you. You hand away your power to decide for you to someone else every time you choose to accept these judgments, opinions and prohibitions as being real, true, defining you, this world and everyone in it.

All of Humanity has been trained in this way to blindly follow, believe and perceive themselves, their brothers and the world through an egoistic lens. They have been taught that SOMEONE ALWAYS has authority over them. That they do not get a choice in what it is that is happening in their lives or in who or what they choose to be. They are taught to believe this lie. Everything is a choice. In every situation we have a choice in how we are going to perceive it. Each experience is just that AN EXPERIENCE! It DOES NOT DEFINE YOU! How you are choosing to perceive that experience and JUDGE it to be is what you will base it's meaning for you from. When you judge you define yourself with those judgments. Just as those folks were doing with you. They were defining themselves to be what they were judging you to be. They are believing in LIES and choosing to PROJECT them onto you. Nothing more.

Those interactions will only have merit and meaning if you choose to accept them. You are NOT REQUIRED to accept ANYONE'S judgments and opinions for yourself. You were never required to accept your parents nor your families judgments and opinions of you. You are not required to accept nor believe in ANYTHING that anyone else has chosen to believe in for themselves. YOU get to choose what resonates as TRUTH for YOU. No one else gets to choose this for you.

You are perfect as you are. You are pure, innocent and whole. No experience, scar, lost limb, disease nor judgment of another will ever define you nor who you are. You are as God created you to be. You have value. You are worthy. You are loved. You are not that shell you reside in. You ARE the SOUL within that shell. Only you may define who you are and who you would choose to be. Every single Human Being on this planet is created EQUAL. No one is above nor below anyone else in any way. You are my Equal, just as you are YOUR PARENTS EQUAL. There are no differences between you other than what you choose to believe in your own mind.

Blessings on your journeys to healing my brothers. Hugs and love. You are loved. I love you.