Hello world. The following was written 6/27/2017.

Hearing my brothers calls for love this morning regarding the things they experience and witness their brothers experiencing and the deep emotional pain being carried by them about it all has my Guides asking me to share more of my own journey to healing. I am to start with this…

To whom it may concern,

Whatever you have experienced at the hands of another does not and will not ever define you. You are not your body but the soul within it. No amount of rape, molestation, beating, mental and emotional abuses will ever define you in any way. No accident, scar, lost limb will ever define you. No one may define who you are but you. It is your own judgment and opinion of yourself that matters and will ever matter. Consider everything you believe to be true about you. All the things you believe define you. Every one of those are a judgment and opinion handed you by someone else. We mimic our family and their judgments of what they believe to be true. Accepting them blindly as our own never questioning them.

None of you have done anything wrong. You are not bad, wrong, evil, or sinful. Those are no more than judgments created to control you. They are used to get you to conform to someone else's dictates and beliefs. What I am sharing with you now is how your beliefs in those judgments of that experience is what is causing you pain and suffering. It is your thoughts and beliefs that play it over and over in your mind. It is that belief that keeps eating at you from within clouding your purview of yourself and the world around you.

You are and have always been innocent. It has only been the judgments you have accepted that has you believing otherwise. It is the judgments and beliefs you are holding forth as defining you and the world around you that is killing you from within with sickness and disease.

Believe it or not, everything you experience is for your benefit. Every experience has a lesson within it that we are here to learn and understand at our core so we may heal. That every experience and the lesson learned is to be shared so others may heal as well. That you would not be who you are with the understandings and ability to connect with your brothers if you had not had a similar experience as they have. That in seeing it differently you can help them see it differently too.

This is what I am sharing now with you. For I myself have experienced rapes, molestation, beatings, mental and emotional abuses. I have experienced first hand how my beliefs in the judgments handed me created cancers within me. How as I looked within at everything I was believing in and holding forth as defining me and being true I found out they were all lies. Lies meant to control and manipulate me to another's will. That it was my own choices to believe as I was that was killing me with cancer. As I looked within at everything I was believing defined me I saw how I was doing it all to myself with my choice to believe as I was. That is a very big pill to swallow. But, swallow it I did. Once I got it down, guess what? The truth set me free. I was healed instantly of all disease. All cancers gone with no medicine or surgery.

Folks whatever you have experienced it is your choice to judge it as you do. The one causing you the pain and suffering in this moment is you. Because you are the one believing that this is what is defining you. No one is doing anything to you right now. In this moment it is all you. You have a choice in what it is you want to do. What it is you want to continue to believe. Is this something that destroys you or is it simply an experience that has been colored by the judgmental fears that were being handed to you at the time? You are NOT what they think you are. They ARE what they think you are. You are what YOU think you are.

You are loved. You are innocent and perfect exactly as God created you. You have purpose and value here in this life. You are and have always been worthy. Worthy of love, kindness, gentleness, understanding, and acceptance. Only you may define you.

Blessings on your journeys my brothers. Hugs and love. You are loved. I love you.