Hello world. The following was written 6/27/2018.

Three days ago I shared an article titled, "You have been lost in the darkness for way to long Humanity…". The following was a dialogue with a brother who is experiencing extreme cognitive dissonance to the point of stating that if I do not agree with them I am against them. They hold a belief that others must conform to what they are choosing for themselves.

A brother states, " B.S. never was there a action taken, to separate children from parente all on the treasonous, cowardly traitor dRUMPf. As far as the fake faux noise and friends, briebart info wars, and the cooks alike the debunked 1000 times over, the proven almost as ridiculous as the uneducated, that keep spewing it. Like if you keep repeating the lie, it magically makes it sound true. Not going to work."

My response, "Triggered much?"

My brother responds, "Connect the dots, really? If they had any such evidence, they would have used it, with their fake fabricated evidence they were caught on."

My response, "Maybe I should have asked if you are confused much instead?"
My brother responds, "Well the question is who is confused here. Just stating facts."

My response, "Try reading what I wrote without judging it. Maybe then you can see what it is I am pointing out. Go read the IG Report yourself. Read all of it and then tell me it does not lay out the corruption and the time line it happened on. You are not stating facts either. YOU are spewing emotional vitriol in a diatribe. Nothing more."

My brother responds, "There is no proof or evidence in a opinion piece."

My response, "The IG Report IS NOT opinion."

My brother responds, "If they had any kind of evidence they would use it. That's a fact. But they didn't and can't and neither can you."

My response, "Like they did with Hillary's emails? You are an enabler to your abusers. You are in a co-dependent relationship and you can't even see it."

Another brother responds, "This is the download for the IG report. https://www.justice.gov/file/1071991/download ."

My brother responds, "Yeah we see how far they got with Hillary's emails, ha, they proved that was a real witch hunt, that went nowhere."

My response, "Open your eyes brother and stop handing away your Sovereignty for a false facade of safety and a false sense of security. You are blinded by your own fears of change and of being wrong in your choices and beliefs. Welcome to the party honey because all of Humanity is now faced with the ultimate reality check!"

My brother responds, "Oh really do you magically feel more secure today???"

My response, "Absolutely! I stopped fearing everything about a year ago… Maybe a bit longer than that…"

My brother responds, "Then what makes you presume I am not??? We will go on fighting and resisting this present danger and criminality of this present farst of a administration."

My response, "Maybe it is all this projecting you are doing… How your judgmental egoistic thought system has you in a fight or flight mentality. Are you willing to die for those beliefs? Because they will kill you via a heart attack if you keep flipping out and stressing out as you are.Try doing some research for yourself brother. Do your own research and find out for yourself how what I am stating here IS THE TRUTH!"

My brother responds, "Not flipping out at all. Do nothing, and explain that to the children ripped from their parents arms, and locked in cages, instead of judging me, so practice what you preach."

My response, "Your diatribe states otherwise. Lie to yourself all you want brother. You cannot lie to me. I see the Truth through the lies. I see the intentions one puts before them."

My brother responds, "Lie to yourself all you want, I also see through your fabricated lies, you're fooling no one but yourself. And your delusional so called truth, only as you see, not reality based."

My response, "I am not able to lie brother. As a Psychic Empath, Clear Open Channel, Spiritual Healer and Master Teacher I am not able to lie. Everything I share is based in Truth."

My brother responds, "You don't realize, those are your misrepresented, of your truth and your truth only, what you claim to be, has nothing to do with your representation of truth."

My response, "What you have chosen to believe in is a lie brother. Why else are you here on my post arguing for a woman who IS A CRIMINAL? Move along now. I am done with this conversation. I have a documentary to watch with my Husband Alex about ancient medicinal plants. Blessings to you on your journey to healing brother. Hugs and love."

My brother responds, "You have failed miserable, to prove your false accusations, so your perception of the truth, is yours and yours alone."

Another brother responds, "Sabrina, our brother is still projecting."

My brother responds, "And thanks so much for your hypocritical projecting. Phony!!!"

The other brother responds, "More projection."

My brother responds, "And more of your projections.. Phony"

The other brother responds, "We can do this all night projector."

My brother responds, "Yeah phony, we can. But that makes about as much sense as you do. On ne at all."

The other brother responds, "It's funny, you tell me all about yourself with all of your projections. It's like I can sit here and you can tell me all about yourself with whatever you try to project out onto me."

My response, "Triggered is starting to seem more and more appropriate here. He is being triggered with cognitive dissonance that his idol lost and his hero b. o. is a treason's crook."

My brother responds, "I'm not the least bit interested in your projections, that's the funny part."

My response, "Then why are you on MY TIMELINE…? Get thee gone and behind me SATAN!"

The other brother responds, "So far he has told me that he is a hypocrite and a phony and that he blindly follows the voices of all of the media sheep that they all bey in unison."

My brother responds, "Town bad the only way he won was to cheat. But he will very soon be delt with. It's Mueller Time. MAGA= Men Are Getting Attested. That's even funnier, for the popular vote loser of We The People. The most hated person on the planet. LOL"

The other brother responds, "I think we got under his skin Sabrina. He is talking in gibberish now. And yes, Hillary is the most hated person on the planet. You don't even really like her yourself, you hypocrite."

My brother responds, "Yeah, I know comprehension, is difficult for dRUMPf supporters."

My response, "I did not vote for Trump. I did not vote for Hillary. Yet something is telling me You DID vote for Hillary…lol!"

The other brother responds, "Is that true? Did you vote for someone that you don't even really like? I guess that is what makes him a fraud."

My brother responds, "I guess that's what makes you two both fake and phony, perfect description, of the moron, to actually think they have a chance at being even half way smart by by saying, "I didn't vote for dRUMPf or Hillary" like their shit for brains, can't comprehend, any 3rd party vote, is a vote for the winner. That would be trump, but, no one can expect that little bit of intelligence, from a fake and a phony."

My response, "Projection again. Thank you for telling the world who you are and what you stand for."

My brother responds, "es and you condone, locking children in cages, with idiotic support for a dRUMPf, shows the world what a fraud and a monster you really are. You have one supporter yourself, hardly telling the world. Phony. Hillary isn't president, but lives, rent free in your fool heads, and that's, telling, but also hilarious. Bwahahahaha."

The other brother responds, "Do you see how our fellow brothers are taught to alienate, separate and dehumanize their brothers, Sabrina? This is how they are distracted from the truth that they are being manipulated and controlled and brainwashed to project and to blame their brothers for the problems that were created by the globalists themselves.

While he may be telling us how he thinks of himself he is also telling me how many others who have been brainwashed into hating their brothers are thinking of themselves and what they believe about themselves. I can feel his cry for love in all of this for this is the only way that he can deal with the pain that he feels within to project it outside of himself where he can safely hate something that he has fooled himself to be outside himself.

The outside world is but an outward picturing of an inward condition."

My brother responds, "Oh yes oh great and wise one! You see so much with your warrantless concepts and false, concepts and foolish conclusions, you don't even know yourself, let alone a take the fake liberty to analyze anyone else. The facts are foreign to you so you have to cover the with the jive of your cosmic debris. Phonies are clowns amd only for amusement to laugh at. But supporting locking children in cages is not amusing, you support the monster you become the monster."

My response, "Little one, take responsibility for your own choices to think and believe as you are doing. You have no say in what another is choosing for themselves. You do not have any rights in what it is your brothers are choosing for themselves. The only thing you have any power over here is YOURSELF. Stop pointing fingers and placing blame for your poor choices to believe on your brothers. They are not responsible for you and what you have done.

In other words sit down and shut up. Look at your own choices and what you are choosing for you. NO ONE is required to accept nor believe in these things you do. Stop bludgeoning your brothers with your choices to believe here. To believe we are required to think like you is not only insane, but entirely delusional."

My brother responds, "And with your tin foil hats too tight, try practicing what you preach, so as at leat you won't appear to be such a fake phony hypocrite. Hillary is not president, but lives in the foolish heads, rent free. Get real for once in your life."

My response, "You are still projecting. If you do not like what I share then stop reading it. Scroll past it. Otherwise I will simply delete you from my existence. I am not required to stand here taking a beating from you for your egoistic choices to believe and be. As I stated last night… Get thee behind me Satan! Be Gone with Thee! Never mind… I am simply going to remove you and your vitriol from my existence…"

My brothers, what has just been shared with you here is an example of the cognitive dissonance being experienced by your brothers. They are not willing to accept the facts being presented in an official government report. In their mind it is FAKE. Seriously! In their mind everyone needs to think and believe as they do. When someone disagrees or shares a different view they are immediately attacked with name calling and judgments. Anything to guilt, shame and cause them to fear so they conform to what is being said to them. In their minds NO ONE is allowed to think nor perceive differently than they do. If someone does they are immediately labeled as the ENEMY and INSANE!

As I had stated to my brother above, "To believe we are required to think like you is not only insane, but entirely delusional." My brothers Humanity is dealing with an authority problem that is causing them major cognitive dissonance. My brothers are terrified of taking responsibility for their own choices to think, believe, say and do. They are afraid to be responsible for themselves. My brothers seem to be wanting to saved by the authority not recognizing that in doing so they are enslaving themselves instead… Seriously!

Blessings on your journeys my brothers. Hugs and love. You are loved. I love you.