Hello world. The following was written 6/28/2017.

I am sitting here looking at these abilities I am given as I walk this journey. I am looking at how I was trained to believe that the things I am able to do are evil and come from Satan, the Devil, Lucifer and that I must be worshiping evil to do the things I do. I am looking at the beliefs I once held that God was just as limited as I once believed I was.

Everything God may do I to am able to do. For God is within me. God is a part of me, for I am a part of God. We are one and the same, just as my brothers are one and the same as myself, so to are they part of God above as am I. Each of us are created in God's image. That makes each of us a God. Each of us have the power to create through manifestation.

This understanding has opened a door for me to be able to accept who I AM as I AM without judgment. To see how every experience is for my benefit and through me all of Humanity. That what I experience was created for me to grow on a spiritual level. All was to help me learn who I truly am.

I have come to understand that I am not my body. I am the very essence of the Light that is, ALL THAT IS manifested within this shell I call my body. That I, like God, manifest what I choose to focus my energy on. The things I am focused on are the things I will experience within this life. How I am choosing to judge each given moment is how I will manifest whatever it is I am perceiving my experience to be.

My choices to judge come from my choices to believe as I do. I had to look at everything I was believing in to be true before I could see the judgments I held and believed. How each judgment was handed to me. How and when I accepted it and chose to believe in it. That I was responsible for all the pain and suffering I was experiencing because of those judgments I was believing in.

I was shown how every disease I was experiencing was connected to my beliefs and the judgments I was holding. I came to understand how my thoughts were connected to my emotions, which were connected to my body's physical responses. I had to connect the dots. To look at every experience and see how I was judging it. I had to look at every label I identified myself as being to see that each was a judgment handed to me.

I had to look within my own heart and mind and see how I was judging every aspect of my life in my denial of God. That everything I was doing was because I was denying who God is and by doing so was denying who I am. By extension I was then denying who my brothers really are. All because I chose to believe as a child the judgments and opinions handed to me that I was separate from God and my brothers was true. That I was and would always be a victim of the world I perceive.

As I look at these things I am shown how God has always stood by us and within us. Watching over us always understanding that His children are simply misconceiving. In the moment they believe they are what they are not. They believe they must defend their beliefs and are attacked when a brother believes differently.

I am shown that in all things we are always and only at war within ourselves. That every conflict begins within with a choice and decision to accept and believe judgment as being truth. That we can make a judgment against another or that they may judge against us. I am shown how we are and have been taught to think and believe another has a right to control us or we have a right to control someone else.

We extend this controlling belief through our choices to judge. To deny our brothers and so deny ourselves the right to choose for ourselves what resonates within our own hearts and minds as Truth. In judging we tell the world and our brothers that they must conform to our dictates or be punished as we have and are being punished by those in judgment of us.

We are tormented from within by our own judgments believing God is in constant judgment of us. When in truth what is happening is that we are suffering our own judgments of ourselves and by extension everyone and everything around us. Our judgments torment us from within and we project them out on the world before us. Those projections are what we are and have been manifesting. For those are the things all of us have been focusing our attentions and energies on.

We manifest what we focus on. What everyone in the world has been focusing on of late is fear, hatred, judgment, shame, guilt, and the destruction of all who disagree with what we are choosing to think and believe. We are focusing on all the things we no longer want to experience. In focusing our attention there we create that which we do not want. We create our own pain and suffering.

I have come to understand that I must change my own mind about these things I have been taught to think and believe in. I must willingly look within at them and ask to be shown the Truth. I must willingly look at these abilities I am given and how they are to be used to help me and my brothers heal. It is only as I look within and change my own mind about the things I have experienced that I see the world around me change and everyone in it as well.

As I let go all I was taught I am given the Truth of who I am. I am shown how everything is and has always been of benefit to me and through me all of Humanity. It is as I share what I have experienced and the understandings I am given that have healed me, that I am able to help my brothers heal. I am able in those moments of sharing to open a door to a new perspective that will allow my brothers to see themselves and their world differently and everything they have experienced in their own lives.

God is within me and within every being and thing within creation. God is experiencing Itself through the manifestation of us. Just as we are experiencing through the manifestations of our beliefs and the judgments we are holding within. The power is ours and it is within us. Our power comes from our free will to choose what it is we want to believe in and how we experience all that we do.

We placed ourselves in the boxes we find ourselves in and only we can open that lock we have placed therein. For our choices to believe in the judgments we do are what keeps us locked within the cages of our own minds. Forever tormented by the invisible shackles that seem to bind us and have us believing it is God doing everything to us instead of accepting that we do it all to ourselves.

We are NOT a victim of the world we perceive. God is not judging. He allows and accepts all we think and do. God allows us to be as we choose to be. God allows me to simply be me. I will create as I so choose because the power to do so is within me. What I choose to be I will be. For that power has been granted me.

Please be the Light, you are meant to be. Please be the Light, I know you to be. Please be the light, I see you to be. Please choose to be the Light. You are loved. I love you.

Blessings on your journeys my brother. Hugs and love. You are loved. I love you.