Whether you want to avoid the latest virus going around, or simply want to feel more energized throughout the day, there can be a lot of reasons to want to boost your immune system. However, it may not always seem like a simple task, or the things that you have been trying may not seem to make much of a difference. If you're looking for some new and unexpected ways to give your immune system a boost, here are some things to try. 

Take a Cold Shower

Even though taking a cold shower may not seem like it would be good for you, it can actually have a great impact on your immune system. This is because when you shock your system with cold water, it can aid in lymph node drainage. Your lymphatic system does a lot to keep you healthy and clear out toxins from your system. If it is ever overburdened with toxins, it may be difficult for it to clear viruses out of your system and protect you like it should. By helping it clear out with a little shock of cold water at the end of your shower, you can help it clear out and do its job more effectively. 

Try Supplements

Eating a healthy diet is generally the best way to protect your immune system, but for those that don't have the time to make big changes to their diet, adding a supplement into the mix can be an easy way to help give their immune system a boost. This can be true of many different kinds of supplements, whether you take a comprehensive multivitamin, a green superfood powder or maybe a liquid vitamin. 

Do a Down Dog

While all forms of exercise are generally good for your immune system, yoga can be especially great for improving your immune function. This is because while it gets your blood pumping, it can also calm your nervous system. An overactive nervous system, or stress response can wreak havoc on your overall health, but on your immune system in particular. Not only that, but yoga focuses on deep breathing and many poses, like spinal twists and down dogs, that can give your organs a gentle internal massage. This kind of gentle stimulation can be very beneficial for your organ function, which can in turn increase your body's overall ability to protect itself.

Try Probiotics

Probiotics, whether you take them in pill form or include more probiotic-rich foods into your diet like sauerkraut or kefir, can have a major positive impact on your immune system. This is because there are many probiotic strains that reside in your intestinal tract that play a significant role in your immune function. The probiotics in your gut not only help protect you from toxins, bacteria, and viruses that enter your system, but they also play a role in generating hormones that keep you healthy. 

Learn To Meditate 

Even though you might not think meditation has a lot to do with your immune system, it can actually have a direct impact on it. This is because practicing meditation, also known as mindfulness on a regular basis can not only have a positive impact on the structure of your brain, but it can also calm down your nervous system, too. When your nervous system is overactive your body will experience stress responses more frequently, which will deplete your body of nutrients and also run down your immune system. By taking time to relax and clear your mind regularly, you can help center your nervous system, and therefore make it easier for your body to maintain good immune health. 

A Last Note

Whether you simply want to avoid getting sick, or you want to supercharge your immune system so you can feel healthier overall, there can be many reasons to boost your immune function. While some may not be clear about how to approach this task, the reality is that there are many straightforward ways you can start improving your immune system on your own, from splashing around in a cold shower to starting a meditation practice.