NASA is hiding things.  Yes, America did go to the Moon.  But NASA was worried that things too strange might make people think Apollo was a hoax.  I was once told that a 'certain thing' would make people think that Apollo landed in West Texas! Also, other parts of the government wanted secrets.




     These are REAL pictures:












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COAST TO COAST AM - Officially, NASA history timelines state that Apollo 17 was the last astronaut launch with Commander Eugene Cernan, Command Module Pilot Ronald Evans and Lunar Module Pilot Harrison Schmitt. But according to extraordinary testimony from whistleblower Jon Harold Lavine, whom Linda interviewed over three segments, he was a "secret Apollo astronaut" brought in as a last-minute replacement for one of the Apollo 17 crew. While on the December 1972 moon mission, Lavine says he photographed (with a Hasselblad high-resolution camera) a Grey non-human alien who was just a few feet away from him. The being telepathically conveyed to him that the astronauts should not return to the moon.