Hello world. The following was written 6/30/2016.

My guide is explaining something to me here. Your transcendental experience is as simple as an out of body or near death experience. I have had many of those. I have seen the beings that stand around watching and guiding us every moment. In each experience I was given a choice to stay here in this life or continue on to another. They were exit points set up for me if my journey became to much for me based on the amount of trauma I experienced.

These experiences have been and can be described. I have stood beside Spirit and looked at the experiences of my past as an observer outside my body. I have heard the words and seen the Truths He would show me of my choices to experience what I do. I have also seen what many call Heaven. It is no more than an extension or layer above this one. It has been and can be described if one chooses to find the expressions within themselves.

You see, we are only limited by what it is we choose to believe. Such as death. Many have a fear of death and leaving the body and world behind. Yet, conceptually we understand there is no death. The problem is, do you really believe it? Do you really believe you cannot die?

I can remember the times I flat lined and had to be resuscitated. I was 9 months the first time when my grandmother kicked me across a room into the fireplace. I was two the second time after getting stung by a bee and going into anaphylactic shock. At three I fell into the deep end of a pool hitting my head and drowning before being resuscitated at the hospital again. Next I was knocked off someones shoulder at 5. At 15 I watched my PE teacher do CPR and mouth to mouth on my body as my guides asked me if I wanted to leave or not.

You see I had already been beaten, molested, raped, mentally and emotional abused more than was planned. So much so I stood up sooner than expected as well. I had more to do though. So I stayed and continued. There have been others. Each time I choose to stay. Why? Because I understand who I am now and what my purpose here is. Because I was determined to finish what I started.

We have the power to manifest anything we want to if we choose to focus our attention and energy. Everything is a choice. We as humans are co-creating this reality. As more and more people drop their fears and begin to allow and accept themselves and each other without judgment. The more we will choose to create a more loving self and through ourselves a more loving world.

Blessings on your journeys my brothers. Hugs and love. You are loved. I love you.