Hello world. The following was written 6/30/2019.

It has been awhile since I have shared where I am at on my own journey in the moment. Since June 7th I have been living in an RV with my Husband Alex and our animals. For the first two weeks we found ourselves shuffling from parking lot to parking lot dealing with issues with the RV, business and life in general.

After spending the morning emptying our tanks and dealing with errands and business we decided to spend the afternoon at the park two blocks from where we have lived for the last 12 years. Our goal to cook some food, walk our dog and look for a place to park our new home more permanently so we can deal with the stuff we need to purge from 20 years of personal and business accumulation that we had to put into storage.

We arrived at Buchanan Park in Pittsburg, CA around two o'clock that afternoon. We parked at the back of the lot in the ONLY place we would be out of the way of the flow of traffic taking up the least amount of parking spaces. Two to be exact. We also were partially blocking an access way for city workers that is locked and gated. When we arrived the lot was pretty empty. We knew from 12 years of living in the neighborhood and walking our dog in that park every day multiple times a day that there would not be ANY city workers in that park after 12 noon. There never are. They stop working by noon to allow the residents access to the park without interruption or obstruction.

On this particular day we parked, took our dog for a walk, began a search for an RV park in the area with a space available before starting to cook some food for dinner. By this time it is around five to five thirty in the afternoon. We had watched a couple of police cruisers come through the parking lot not to long before I asked my Husband to pull out our portable weber. Most of the grills were taken in the park so we thought to use the weber so others could use whatever grills were left. Both those cruisers left after around thirty minutes of sitting there blocking the exit lane chit chatting. There were no signs saying we couldn't be there doing what we were doing. Within five minutes of my Husband lighting the grill one of those police cruisers were back with an officer K. Seaward approaching us…

Officer K. Seaward started his conversation with an outright lie. He stated that he had received a call from his Sargent who got a call from his commander demanding that Seaward clear out the undesirables in the eye soar of an RV who had been there all day blocking the lot and the ability of the residents to enjoy their park without riff raft. He then suggested we go down to the marina and drop a line in the water. That we could stay there over night and not be bothered. He would let his "buddy" officer Torres know he was sending us over to their beat…

Needless to say I cannot stand a liar. I was filled with an extreme righteous fury in that moment. I literally pointed my finger at Seaward and stated, "Your a fucking liar. You didn't get any call. You're full of shit and lying out your ass. You have no authority over me. I AM a Sovereign Being who is Self Governing. I have lived in this neighborhood for 12 years. There is nothing stating we cannot be here grilling as we are. As a matter of fact this is the best place for us to be parked. Also I might add that we have not been here all day. We got her around 2 o'clock this afternoon. The parking lot was almost empty when we arrived and it is still empty now. There is plenty of room for people to park here.

Officer Seaward decided to double down on his bold faced lies. He stated he could call his Sargent down to tell us what the commander said to him. In that moment I snapped. I pointed my finger at him and stated, "Don't you fucking lie to me. I know for a fact you are lying. Spirit is stating succinctly that you and your "partner" are playing a cat and mouse game with those you think are homeless. You are profiling, harassing, tormenting and psychologically trying to manipulate and coerce these people with gestapo tactics of brutality and lies. I am and have been watching you and others on the police force targeting and harassing the homeless in the area constantly. I SEE YOU and ALL you have been doing."

Needless to say Seaward took a seat on the fence behind him with jaw open and eyes wide. He stuttered a bit and tried to talk his way out of the situation he found himself in. I let him know point blank that I AM a psychic and Spirit is telling me exactly what it is he and his buddy were up to. That they picked the wrong person this time around… A few moments later Seaward turned to walk away almost braining himself on our awning pole. My Husband had to warn him to duck his head before we have to call his Sargent and explain to him how he knocked himself out. We left the park around 10 minutes later.

That incident has left a nasty taste in my mouth for Pittsburg. After 12 years I am happy to take my company and find a new home elsewhere. Someplace where the city officials, police force and government in and of itself is NOT corrupt to its core with a mind to alienate its own residents in lieu of getting in more illegals to take their places so get their votes to keep their jobs and the money they are literally funneling into their own pockets and special interests. I am even considering filing a formal letter of complaint at this point.

With the exception of the Home Depot we have been harassed at every single place we have gone to, spending money in their shopping centers too. Walmart security is absolutely ghetto in their thinking and minds. They will bang on your window instead of coming around to your fucking door. I happen to have a door bell to. No excuse or reason for that kind of garbage not to mention their threats to have my RV towed. Contra Costa County has become absolutely hostile to anyone and everyone in an RV regardless of how the vehicle looks. It is absolutely disgusting.

The hypocrisy of their demands to recycle and reuse only seems to apply to those things they can strap a tax or surcharge to. They do not want to see or have any RV older than 10 to 12 years anywhere within the county. They are no longer giving permits to places who would offer parking to those of us that prefer vehicles we can actually work on ourselves. They seem to want only those who own brand new million dollar RV's in their cities. The nastiness we have been experiencing has had us moving out of the area entirely.

We went to a state park in Benicia for one night before heading to Sugarloaf in Sonoma for 4 days.The energy in that park was oppressive in the extreme. Just like in Contra Costa County they have created a number of rules and regulations that prohibit and limit ones ability to connect fully with nature naturally. They have even cut off the ability for the animals or pets of visitors to connect naturally. All trails are off limits to dogs or pets. All dogs and pets are to be kept on the concrete or asphalt roads for vehicles throughout the grounds on a six foot leash or less. What animal can walk on black asphalt without hurting their paws? What animals prefer to relieve themselves on asphalt, concrete or gravel over dirt, grass and weeds? None that I know of…

No gathering of dead fall for camp fires. No foraging for food. The excuse given that taking from the environment hurts the environment and takes resources from the wildlife. All bullshit when you hear and see the camp hosts chopping wood and bundling it for fire pits within the park. As for foods, all they sell is junk foods and nothing healthy in the slightest. They only allow and sell what will make them the most money. Such as a dollar per minute for showers payable by quarters only. That park charges $35 a day with $10 per extra vehicle. Folks that is $35 dollars a day for DRY camping. There is no water, electricity or sewage at any of the sites. Talk about outrageous when you consider where we are at right now.

At the moment we are in the Sonoma County Fairgrounds RV Park. For $40 dollars a day we get full hookups of water, sewer and electricity as well as laundry facilities. The energy here is so much better than that of the park. The energy here is of those who have accepted where they are at on their journeys and are hopeful and allowing of whatever the Universe shall hand them next. The angst and frustration felt in the park at the prohibitions being placed on those who visit is not felt here. They ask for their visitors to use consideration and courtesy while here when using the facilities and interacting with your neighbors. Observe the quiet times and speed limits. Clean up after yourselves and your animals. All reasonable requests.

We have work here in the area on Monday so are here until Tuesday at least. Where we go from here I do not know. Wherever we go I would ask Spirit to make it so we have full hookups with reception near where we have business to take care of. Something that is long term at a reasonable rate being what we need is a parking space so to speak…

Through all of this situation we have and are getting work coming in from our own clientele and from the contract work we do. Problem is this constant shuffling from place to place is eating up the money we are earning almost as fast as we are earning it in gas, dumping and lodging fees for a couple of days. Something needs to change here and soon.

We both want out of the rat race and out of this state. The corruptions within this state and the debasement of the humanity of the individual being by those who would state they are an authority so abuse those around them must stop. It is driving out the citizens of this country and state from the places they have called home all their lives. The greed and corruption running rampant through this state is causing the upstart of the next Revolution. Our Constitution states we are Sovereign Beings who are Self Governing. When our government no longer upholds the will of the people and chooses to subvert the will of the people instead… That government is then asking to be dismantled and replaced with a government that will uphold the will of the people it is there to serve.

Where am I now on my journey? I AM where Spirit would have me be when Spirit would have me be there. The places we have gone and the paths that have crossed our own have been varied. The beings we meet all walk unique paths on their journeys with beautiful points of understanding to share in the perspectives given them on their journeys. My place is to be the Light in the darkness they find themselves within even if I to am occupying that same space with them. The difference being the perspectives we are choosing to perceive our journeys through.

Where would you have us go, what would you have us do, what would you have us say and to whom would you have us speak to? How would you have us support ourselves on this journey you have started us on? What is the next step Spirit? What would you have us do now? This is where I am at on my journey my brothers. I am in a state of transition and change with no idea where I am heading until I get there. I am literally flying by the seat of my britches or skirts with no idea where I am going to land or how. This is the chaos of the journey I am on at the moment…

Blessings on your journeys my brothers. Hugs and love. You are loved. I love you.