Hello world. The following was written 7/02/2018.

The Temple and Colosseum were created as a form of distraction for the masses and has been used to distract one from what is right in front of them. It has been used upon each an every one of you. What is happening can be categorized as a form of slight of hand or misdirection. As you look off to where they are pointing you do not see their other hand as it is about to stab you in the back with a knife. The images I am given are from a vision I had a couple of years ago talking about using what one loves and cares about as leverage, making of them a weapon against those they are trying to control and manipulate or comply to whatever it is they may be wanting.

I am being shown images from previous visions of the Temple and Colosseum. I am being shown how each one was created as a form of distraction for the masses. At first it started in the Temple. The building of the Temple created a belief that you had to go somewhere, talk to someone and even pay someone to speak to God for you. It was part of the beginnings of the separation of our minds from the Truth of who we are.

The next step was to build the Colosseum. Here is the place where the birth of debauchery shall be borne. For there in the circle of those walls the basest of cruelties were imagined and played out for all to witness and idolize the desire to be part of it all. The athletes, actors, animals and brutal massacres would all draw crowds of spectators reveling in the death and debauchery of the brutality playing out before them. Keeping them entertained in morbid fascination as they realize they may be the next one to be tossed below. So, they reach for another drink, another toke from the pipe or another ripe young body to fondle. Anything to keep the thoughts at bay that they may be next.

Fast forward to today and the Colosseum's of our time. They are no longer just a structure we travel to. Now we can stay in our cages watching the circus roll past us on the TV screen within our cells. The athletes and actors continue their trade of distracting the masses from the Truth around them. They continue to feed the masses the lies they are told to sell them. All to keep themselves out of the herd when the time for the culling begins.

As the dams begin to break and the Truth comes out those who said they were the authority run for their holes to hide as the backlash of the awakening masses begins to over take them. They do not get to hide out and come back in a new form this time. They do not get to pretend they were only victims of these atrocities they chose to manifest and carry out on the rest of Humanity.

As the cull begins those doing the culling of the herd find their blades to be knocked aside then turned back on them. They are now the ones to be culled. All those who have run to their holes will be flushed out as their holes are flooded one by one. They will either drown or come out to face the consequences of their actions. No longer will they have an escape goat to hide behind. One by one they fall as do their alphabet agencies. The fabric of the curtain they have been using has unraveled to the point of no return. The Light is shining through onto all they have done and try to do. They are through…

Blessings on your journeys my brothers. Hugs and love. You are loved. I love you.