There's a musician that once said "You could sing a song to 85,000 people and 85,000 people will sing it back to you for 85,000 different reasons." That's always left a mark with me because it's so true. Music can mean so much to so many, it can remind you of the days you spent with friends, the day you get married, your parents, your children, and so much can be felt by the mingling of notes, chords, and melodies. It's really rather amazing when you think about it.


Back in The Day


I wonder how many people can remember their first introduction to music. I know that it was big in my house. I can remember my father playing guitar to us and singing our stories. It was a wonderful way for him to get his practice after working his 9-5 job, while also getting us to sleep. Elementary songs still go through my memory and I can't remember where I put my keys. These frames of reference come from music or maybe the music is imprinted on us. If a group of friends sit around there are no doubt references to music concerts, songs, or band practices that still go on to this day. Music has a way of weaving together our life events. Learning to read music has been shown to help with science and math which I can absolutely understand. The multiplication tables and music were tough but I've carried both into adulthood.


Music is a Tool


So music can easily change the direction of a room, look at how certain types of music are pumped into different venues. The calming, soothing tones of instrumental favorites have no doubt been heard in plenty of an elevator, or a dentist office. I've been in plenty of stores where the younger kids like to shop that I thought were way too loud. It's all marketing experts knowing what people want to hear, or what will help them spend their money. Companies and professionals use music to draw certain people into their business. By creating a mood that is enjoyable will bring people in the first time and bring them back again. There are certain bars that bring in people with a certain genre of music and this tends to bring in like minded patrons.


Play it and Learn


Teaching music is one of the most amazing things one can do. To see the look on a students face when they learn their  first piece on the piano, or to hear a voice that simply needed direction to tap into itself, it's amazing. While teaching has always been my passion and studying the works of Mozart and Bach were like candy, giving back has always enriched it all. College and summer masters programs for music teachers are great ways to learn more about the music that you ever thought was possible. It will provide so much that you can in turn share, it's amazing. While teaching is incredible, learning from the students is not something to be missed either. With each song and rendition you learn something about tenacity and drive. 


Music can enrich your life is so many ways. Each person has their own album of favorites that make up the patchwork of their life. Music has an innate ability to weave a story for each person and it's always different. When you think about it, I mean really think about it, music is truly spectacular. It's an art form that continues to grow and change. Instruments are created that make sounds never heard before and those sounds are learned and played by the artists who then become the teachers. So much of our lives are defined by the music we hear.