Have you ever seen the EEG monitor go?

A constantly flickering line, with up and down motions, denotes that the person is alive, healthy and his brain works well enough. However, a linear flat line means that life has ended.

I feel that the EEG reports denote the figurative meaning of life.


Much like the EEG monitor, our lives are never still, and we continuously experience upheavals that can sometimes change the course of our lives.

Sometimes we win, sometimes we lose, and there is nothing wrong in that.

Losing makes you appreciate winning much more. Otherwise, we would start taking life and everything in it for granted.

And that is something that should never happen.

So, here is my story with a lot of downs, read if I manage to convert them into a lot of highs.


My Insecurities

Ever since I was born, I knew I was different. I did not think as an average child would, and my parents did not treat me like the average parents would.

The major problem, well not really a problem, rather insecurity was that I did not fit into the society’s set standards for body image.

 I wasn’t size zero, more like a size ten. I was on the chubbier side of the body image spectrum, with belly fat, curves, stretch marks and cellulite.

Most of my life, I was ashamed of how I looked. I tried changing my appearance; I would go on a diet for a few days and then eat like a whale for a few weeks.

By my mid-20s, I realised that I am going to be the way I was and what I was yet to understand was that there was nothing wrong in the way I looked.

My other insecurity was my awkwardness and social ineptitude; I could not be a proper lady when I was around people that I did not know. That is one reason I never felt comfortable in the corporate world, so a job was never going to be my calling in life.

My Business

I decided to start my own business. My weight would have given you an idea that I loved food and I also loved drinking.

A local bar near my place was a second home to me and my best friends, not that we were alcoholics.

When that bar was up for sale, I decided to buy it and become a business owner. Since I loved that place, I knew I had to make it the best bar in Glasgow.

I had plenty of savings to make to purchase, so I put in all of them. Then I realised that I needed more money to make some more changes to the establishment.

Unsecured loans for bad credit came to my aid. They were easy to procure and very quick to get.

Once everything was set up, I reopened the bar. I had high hopes from the business. I had put in everything I had into the bar and it had to give me profits.

There was good alcohol, the greatest beer, and pulsating music, what else do you need in a bar, right?

Wrong, the number of patrons I had expected to come was so much higher than the number that had actually showed up.

The first couple of months were so tragic to my finances that I knew this was the end. Neither was I secure in my professional life and nor did I feel comfortable in my own skin.


Combining Both for Optimum Success

And then one evening, ranting to my friends about my failures and insecurities in a way that made them laugh hysterically gave me an idea.

 I may not have the perfect body or the ideal business, but I did have the ideal wit.

So, I proposed the idea of introducing comedy nights at the bar on the weekends and my friends supported it. There was a chance that it would not work, but there was also the possibility of it working.

So, I leapt and took the stage the next weekend.

I wasn’t too confident that first time and I let the audience know of the same, which made them laugh for some reason.

My friends and some patrons posted pictures and videos online, and the idea worked, bringing in more people than I could accommodate inside the bar.

I started talking about my insecurities, about being body-shamed, about being awkward in situations that were already too tensed, and the audience was hysterical every time.

I never thought I would be talking so openly about the things that made the previous years of my life terrible to live and have a laugh about them. What was even more surprising was the fact that my insecurities made my business more profitable than I ever have imagined it to be.


Winding Up

In the end, all I wanted to say is that you should be proud of the way God made you.

Be proud of your fat, of your skinniness, of your inaptitude and make the world see that every flaw that you have is not just a flaw, it is part of who you are, and you are proud of it.

When you do that, success is going to come calling your name, trust me!