Are you trying to work from home in the current situation when the entire world is under lockdown? Well, you’re not alone, but billions of people are working from home using their internet connection. Thanks to COVID-19, SARS CoV-II or simply Coronavirus, the entire world is made to work from home on the computers and laptops using their internet connection. Until the situation becomes normal, people will continue to work like this. If you are facing internet-related issues, then you can install a WiFi Range Extender to ensure fast and uninterrupted internet. If you have a Netgear Extender N300 at home, which you haven’t had a chance of setting up, then now is the time.

How to setup Netgear WiFi Extender N300?

1. Start with connecting the extender with the router using an Ethernet cable, and this also means that both devices are placed close to each other, which is the main requirement for a proper setup.

2. The next thing is to turn on your computer, then a web browser and after that, enter http mywifiext net into the address bar.

3. Hit ‘Enter’ and you will see a box asking for a username and password.

4. Fill in the details and click ‘Ok’. If you don’t know what to enter in the username and password field, then get in touch with experts.

5. Now, go to ‘Wireless Settings’ and verify the Network Security Key in the Security options, which in common terms is referred to as the password.

6. This step is basically done to check whether the password entered here matches that of the Access Point password or not. If it isn’t, then modify the password to match it with the Access Point password.

7. Once done, click ‘Apply’.

8. Now, you should perform Netgear Genie setup to configure your extender with the software to be able to manage it in a much better way.

9. Download Netgear Genie software online, install it on your computer, log in with your extender’s username and password and then, locate your extender(s) to control them.

If you come across any issue during the process, then you can consult Extender experts over a phone call or live chat.