Hello world. The following was written 7/12/2016.

I had a dialogue with a brother and found myself sharing the understandings being given to me by Spirit about the cage we have built in our own minds that entraps us in a belief system of judgmental lies that had been taught to us. How we are to wear false facades and masks to hide who we are and would choose to be if we were not afraid of being judged. Why Authenticity is needed.

A brother states, "The Greatest Prison People Live In Is The Fear Of What Other People Think."

My response, "The prison is within their own mind. It is a cage they build themselves and they are the only one who can dismantle so remove it. Every judgment and opinion they have chosen to accept and believe in is a bar within that cage. Every judgment and opinion they chose to make and hand out is a bar within that cage. They use those beliefs in those judgments as the ties or shackles to keep them bound tightly in their own cage. Those same judgments are what they are terrified of and fear being handed to them by all who's path may cross theirs and even those who will never meet, see, hear or know of them."

When one is completely authentic they have nothing to hide or keep secret. Everything is there for the world to view. They give freely with no expectations of anything in return. Not acceptance, denial, approval or a thank you is expected.

When one puts forth a false front of being something they are not, it is termed a fake or a fraud, because the beings you are seeing in those moments are being misrepresented as someone else. They are not who they state or imply they are in those moments. When we interact with someone that has done this we CAN feel the LIE that is being played out before us.

At the very core of our being we instinctively know when someone is not being totally honest and upfront with us. Yet, we have all been taught to ignore that "feeling" and make excuses that it is us who is imagining this. Things such as, "That is just how they are…". We have been taught to turn a blind eye to those who lie, cheat and steal from us because they are "family" or "close friends" or "teachers" or "leaders".

It is that type of dishonesty with ourselves about what it is we are experiencing and choosing to accept so believe in that keeps us in this cycle of pain and suffering as a species. If we want to heal ourselves and thereby heal the world we must be completely AUTHENTIC with ourselves and everyone we come in contact with.

When we are open, honest and hide nothing being completely authentic nothing can be used against us to hurt us any longer. In NOT keeping anything secret, freedom is gained. In sharing all I have experienced I open the door to a meaningful dialogue with others who have had similar experiences and help them heal what has been hidden from them. I help them heal as I have been healed. Recognize that standing in your Light of Truth is what is needed. It is the only way to be truly free.

When one is authentic with themselves they willingly go within and look at everything they are choosing to believe in and think of as being truth. To consider everything taught to them and ask Holy Spirit if it is True. To ask their Inner Guides why they are experiencing what they do and how it is of benefit to them. What lesson is in there for them to learn.

When one becomes truly honest with themselves they begin to recognize the patterns they repeat. They begin to recognize the choices they are making. The thoughts they are thinking. The emotions they are feeling. The responses their body is giving them to these choices.

It is a game of connecting the dots. Everything is connected one unto the other, our thoughts to emotion to physical responses. Our thoughts to our beliefs, our beliefs to our core beliefs of what define us. Our responses to those beliefs are the patterns we repeat and propagate in the world around us. We project out what it is we believe of ourselves onto the world we perceive. Believing IS perceiving. What you are choosing to believe IS what you will perceive.

This is why Authenticity with ones self and everyone you meet is important. When one is Authentic one recognizes there is no difference between their brothers and themselves. They understand on a Fundamental level that we are all equal. That the thinking that is being perpetrated is created of a judgmental mind designed to separate so cause pain and suffering. To have one willingly hand over their power and Sovereignty to someone else.

They understand these Truth's at the very core of their being. Their belief in these Truth's radiates out from them in such a way that all are able to witness this Truth for themselves. When one becomes Authentic with themselves they gain an Inner Knowing of who they Truly are within. That nothing they have been taught defines them in any way. That only they may define who they are or will be.

They understand that they may only choose for themselves. That they do not have any say in what it is their brothers choose. All they may do is be Authentic in sharing where they have been, what they have learned, who they are and share their Truth as they know it to be.

When one is completely Authentic they stand in their Light of Truth. When one stands in their Light of Truth no stone will touch them. Not a single judgment, opinion or recrimination will move them in any way. When one stands fully and Authentically in their Light of Truth nothing will touch them for only Truth is seen as being extended from them.

This is why Authenticity is needed! When you are Authentic your Light of Truth is SEEN for all to Witness!

Blessings on your journeys my brothers. Hugs and love. You are loved. I love you.