"The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society."
"Those, who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society, constitute an invisible government, which is the true ruling power of our country."

Quote from the book: "Propaganda" by Edward Bernays | 1928

What we witness and experience in life seems to be based on a natural course of events, the result of a spontaneous human evolution. But much of it isn't accidental, they are engineered.


What we've been taught, the information we were given, forms the basis for our beliefs and our perception of reality. But much of that knowledge was designed to influence and condition our beliefs.


There are unseen forces at work, those who Bernays describes in his book. They are the "hidden hand", that shapes our reality, without most of us realizing it.

The definition of propaganda is:


-"information, especially of biased, or misleading nature, used to promote, or publicize a particular political cause, or point of view"


In other words, it is misinformation, given with the intention of deceiving people and controlling their behaviour.

Propaganda must have existed since the beginning of humanity. There are always those, who in their desire for power, fulfill their ambitions by manipulating others.


The main instrument of propaganda is the media. The dominant media in 1928 were the newspapers. Already a hundred years earlier, misinformation in newspapers had been abound, hence Thomas Jefferson once exclaimed:


The man who reads nothing at all is better informed, than the one, who reads the newspaper"


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Radio broadcasts were becoming popular during the 1930's. In October of 1938, H.G. Wells' "War of the Worlds" was broadcast across the country. It was played as actual news and much of the public believed that an alien invasion was taking place. Nationwide panic ensued and many people ran for the hills.


The reaction of the public was observed by social scientists, who began studying mass behaviour under fear and panic. Research was also conducted at the Frankfurt School in Germany. This organization was dedicated to bringing cultural Marxism to America.


The school was closed in 1933 and brought to the United States under operation paperclip. Their research on Nazi radio propaganda was continued at Princeton University, funded by the Rockefeller Foundation.


The study of "Psycho-Politics", mass mind control by the media, was born. By the time the television was invented, human nature and the methods of influencing public opinion were well understood....Full Article: Time For Truth Blog