Hello world. The following was written 7/13/2016.

Everything I experience is for my benefit and my brothers benefit. I do not consider any of this stuff bad, wrong, toxic, evil or any other judgmental label that society would lay upon it. It simply is what it is. I accept it as it is without judgment.

Something to consider here is that dialogue, even vitriolic dialogue, is of benefit. It brings to the surface that which has been in hiding. It allows one to see the truth of what it is they have been believing of themselves and the world around them. It allows others to see what it is you believe defines you and the world around you. It opens a door to looking within at the things we do to ourselves with our beliefs.

I do not know what is needed or not needed for me, society, or anyone else and neither does society or anyone else know what is best or needed to heal the world and themselves. The only thing we, as in all of Humanity, seem to be able to do is judge each other and everything we experience until we learn to stop doing so.

I look at everything I experience. I ask questions of my guide as to what it's purpose is and why I am experiencing it. In most instances I get direct answers. In others I am to "research" to try and see what has happened below the surface. So I dive deeper and ask to be shown more.

In everything I seek the truth and understanding of what it is I experience. I do this so I may learn whatever lesson is therein and not keep repeating it again and again. I have personally found the more I ignore something the more it comes back to haunt me. The more I deny, pretend, ignore and fake that I did not experience something the harder it hits and the harsher the repeat of it. It is there for me to look at and understand it's purpose. In looking I heal. When I bury it I kill myself slowly from within as it continues to eat at me.

Nothing has gone wrong here, for EVERYTHING I experience is for my benefit and through me all of Humanity!

Blessings on your journeys my brothers. Hugs and love. You are loved. I love you.