Hello world. The following was written 7/13/2016.

There is something that is being missed when talking about relationships and love. When we join in "partnership" we are agreeing to LOVE and SUPPORT each other and our offspring prior and current UNCONDITIONALLY. Unconditional love and support are key in the dynamics of unity. They are reached by letting go all judgments of each other. This creates an environment of allowance and acceptance to simply be our authentic selves.

When our family and friends judge those we have chosen to unite with. They are undermining the very foundations you are trying to build together. Their judgments jab and poke at the underlining foundations of your relationship, chiseling away at your trust and faith in the loving support you have chosen for yourself. They work at breaking the very foundations you are building.

An example of this would be some guys my husband used to call friends. Both tried to talk him into cheating on me, even providing the subjects, times and places. They also tried telling him I was faking my injuries when I wrecked my motorcycle. Same with family members. My husband met my family at my cousins funeral. When they got nasty with him for making a phone call after he had asked if he could and being told yes… I told them he was there for me not them. If you do not want him here you do not want me here. It was that simple. His family tried telling us my son could no longer live with us on the families property. I had shared custody with 50/50 visitation. He told them fine and we bought a home together.

In each situation we chose each other and our child and that Holy Union over any and all outside relationships. In doing so it brought us closer together with a more unified understanding of what it is we want and cherish most. For us, that is the Unconditional Love and Support we have created together to be our Authentic Selves with Unity.

Blessings on your journeys my brothers. Hugs and love. You are loved. I love you.