One of the most popular music apps available online today is Spotify. Millions of people stream songs every day across the globe. If you have ever used it, or use it all of the time, you know just how simple it is to find music you like to listen to. Music can be great for your mood, for exercise, for having fun and even for sleeping. With Spotify, you are able to create playlists to match your moods. If you love essential oils, you can match your oils with your Spotify playlists for the ultimate mood enhancement. Below are some tips for combining them. You can use your aromatherapy sessions to enhance your music or use your music to enhance the aromatherapy sessions using essential oils.


How Can Music Affect Your Mood?


Most people can tell you that certain songs can have a significant impact on your mood. There have been many studies conducted which have shown the direct correlation between music and the stimulation of certain emotions. Some songs make you feel energized and want to get you up and dancing around. Other songs may bring out emotions of anger or sadness. For more relaxation, consider jamming out on the poolside while you are receiving vitamin D. If you don’t already have a pool try looking up "custom pools Montgomery"'' or whichever city you are currently living in. You can choose specific songs to match your mood or choose music to help change your moods as well. Music can affect your mood because certain sounds can stimulate parts of your brain. This stimulus can prompt specific emotions to emerge.


How Can Essential Oils Affect Your Mood? 


Just the same with music, certain scents can affect how your brain is stimulated. Different scents and essential oils can bring out specific emotions. Instead of hearing songs, your body's olfactory senses can translate those scents through your chemoreceptor to offer the equivalent of an electro biological stimulus. Some scents may cause you to feel happy or calm. Other scents may help you get in touch with your creative side. Even though aromas and music are very different, they can both create similar emotional effects on the body and mind. 


How To Pair Spotify Songs With Your Essential Oils


There are many reasons to consider matching your favorite scented essential oils with your favorite Spotify songs. Many of each of these can effectively create the same mental effect. When they are combined, the effects on your mood can be significantly stronger. Spotify has many popular playlists including one that contains all of the current top hits. Other lists in Spotify's top 10 include pop, country, dance and cardio. The music streaming company also has a playlist put together specifically for boosting your mood. 


The mood-boosting category was created as a tool for listeners to use in order to improve their mood when needed. Ideally, this category was to help improve the way a listener was feeling. Whether you are depressed, sad, anxious or angry, the music was intended to offer a more relaxed and calm feeling. This is exactly what aromatherapies are meant to offer for their users as well. 


Pairing the right scents to songs will take some experimenting. Each person will have different reactions to different songs and scents. You should start by finding songs on Spotify that you enjoy listening to. Categorize each of these songs by how they make you feel. Each essential oil scent should be paired with each song category based on how they make you feel. For example, lavender essential oils are great for reducing anxiety. Pair this with your calming song list for the ultimate relaxation. 


It may take a little bit of time to get your songs and scents paired up perfectly. Once you have put in all of the initial work, however, you will have the perfect "go-to" mood enhancers. You may have a problem noticing the connection between each song and the essential oil scents at first. After a bit of time combining the right pairs, you will notice a significant change in how you feel and think.