Hello world. The following was written 7/15/2018.

A couple of years ago I was guided to read the Emerald Tablets of Thoth, the Kybalion and the Law of One… It took me until this year to figure out that Thoth was one of my Guides. You see my Guides have refused to give me names. They tell me it is not the messenger that matters but the message they bring. They placed the information before me telling me who they were and because of my focus on a label I could not see what was right in front of me.

In the Law of One, Ra speaks of the first distortions and how they have caused much of the anguish being experienced now. The first distortion was the creation of the hierarchy. The second was manipulations. The third was the teaching of fear. The last was the teaching of judgment.

In teaching that one is above or below another separation is taught. In teaching manipulation coercion and control of another was learned. Another form of separation. In teaching one to fear the unknown and what another may think secrets were born and another form of separation was created. As each of these teachings took form the creation of judgments became the currency we would live by and be manipulated by. These distortions have created the foundation that Humanity now lives by.

In the Emerald Tablets of Thoth, Thoth speaks of the connections between the different dimensions and the Laws guiding them. He speaks of the journey one takes to find themselves and the Oneness of Being within and without. He speaks of the unlearning one must do in order to advance. He speaks of the acceptance that is needed for healing to occur within.

In the Kybalion it speaks of how everything is a mental construct. How we manifest that which we focus on. It speaks of how everything is interconnected one unto the other through our mental and emotional energy. How our choices to believe and judge create that which is experienced by us. How everything comes down to how we choose to purview it as being.

In reading these materials my Guides asked me to read I came to understand the foundations of the way I was trained or conditioned to perceive myself, my brothers and this reality to be. How those first few distortions created an illusion that has bound Humanity to a belief system that has slowly enslaved them. It has had them handing their rights and Sovereignty away unknowingly.

As I read these materials they broke down the way I was psychologically conditioned so I could see the way I had been conditioned and reverse it. Everything Humanity has been put through has been a form of psychological brainwashing or conditioning to perceive themselves and all they view through a lens of judgmental beliefs reinforced through the labeling created to manipulate how everything is being perceived.

Those who have come before us were taught to blindly follow and believe those who stated they were the authority. There are many out there who would state they are the authority over us. They call themselves leaders, teachers and gurus, politicians, law makers and rulers. We call them those names and many more names such as governments, society and our families. Everyone has been taught in these same ways.

What my Guides and these materials were training me to be is a Truth Seer. They took the natural abilities given me and used them to help me learn the lessons I needed to learn. How every item I have been guided to read or learn has been leading me towards Sovereignty of Being to be Self Governing.

Part of my purpose here is to break down and tear away the false facades and masks my brothers have learned to wear to hide who they really are from all around them including themselves. Each time a brother steps before me I see them as they Truly are and not as they would have me believe them to be. I see the Truth through the beliefs in the lies they would place before them for others to believe. I feel the emotions they attach to their words. I understand the meanings they attach to their words that go beyond the meanings Society has given them.

I see how their ego has taken over and dangles a carrot on a stick before their brothers that they know the way and to follow them. I hear their words of follow me and do as I tell you. Only I know they way… I am the teacher here. I am the one true… They parrot another's choices to be and believe with no understanding as to why they do so. No understanding as to how they got there. Even those who channel will deliver a message and not take in the information shared for themselves. They listen to respond and not to hear. They judge what is shared as being for someone else and not also for them. All lessons are shared. We all go through similar situations and have similar experiences to different levels of severity.

On this journey I have been guided to read a lot of different materials pertaining to different religions and modalities of beliefs. Each and every religion has been faced with twisted messages. Hindu, Hebrew, Christianity, Catholicism and even Islam. Each one holds Truth within them and each has it's hidden groups and sects that hold beliefs above and beyond the original teachings. Many took the channeled messages they received and twisted them into something else.

Such as Islam. The Muslim religion is faced with a message that was twisted because a man did not want to take responsibility for his actions. He chose instead to enslave the women in sheets forever hiding their Light from the light of day and the children to be used as chattel and toys. Women are taught that covering themselves brings them closer to God. That covering themselves is in reverence to God and the "modesty" God demands.Their religion demands it. It is not a choice they are given. Women are being tortured for removing their headdress.

Look at Christianity and how they push these beliefs in sins, good, bad, Holy and evil. Same with the other religions. Everything is about separation and control with these teachings and their teachers teaching duality and separation. They teach of a hierarchy and that they are the authority…

In two days I have had three separate beings come before me claiming they are psychic mediums, channels, empath's and so on. In each interaction they would judge what it was I would share and start telling me what they think and believe I should be doing, saying and who I should be "following". In each situation I would find myself pointing out to them that if they are who they say they are, they can ask their own guides if what I have stated is True or not. Each time this is stated I find myself blocked and removed from their group. Each time this happens I am shown how the ego does not like to be unveiled. It really pisses off the ego when you shine a Light on it so it cannot con those Souls around them.

In everything I am to share openly, honestly and AUTHENTICALLY my experiences and the lessons I have learned from them. I am to keep all dialogues out in the open for all to witness. Nothing is hidden with me. I am to ask nothing in return for what I share, except for my brothers to consider and contemplate what is being shared with them and that they ask their own Spiritual Guides if what is shared is True or not.

I am not seeking followers here my brothers. I am not asking you to believe what I share. All that is asked is that you consider the possibility that what another is sharing of their experiences may be real and true. That the perspective with which they are sharing may be able to help you shift your own purview of experiences had so healing may be achieved for you too.

No one is above nor below anyone else here. We are all equals in every way. There is no hierarchy other than that which you are choosing to create within your own mind. It is a belief being held by you. It is a choice you made for you to believe in an authority. It will be a choice made by you to recognize that YOU ARE the AUTHORITY over YOU.

Those caught up in their Egoistic minds would have you joining their closed groups, or as my Guides call them Closed Houses, where only the chosen few may be seen and heard. They seek out private dialogues where no one can witness their slipping masks, false facades and manipulations. They have an image to uphold that they are the Guru or Teacher so make no errors on their journeys. What they fear is losing the wallets of the beings they are conning. They fear the sheep waking up to realize the shepherd is actually a wolf in sheep clothing killing them off one by one.

Humanity, wake up and start discerning the Truth of these beings around you who share information with you. Recognize when they hold out their hands, asking for something in exchange, that the information they share is now suspect. If there is Truth being shared there should be no strings attached to it. If something is given it is by choice it is given and NOT manipulations nor stipulations being dictated prior to the information being given.

The Ego uses many masks and false facades to con those around them. The Ego hates it when the Light is shined upon it and the things it is doing. Like a cockroach scrambles away for the shadows when the Light is shined upon it, so to do the false teachers and gurus out there in the world. So to do those pretending to be what they are not. They tuck tail and run away when what they state is questioned. They block and remove any who would hold a different Truth than that which they have chosen to believe in. At no time are they able to be Truly Authentic in who they are nor the sharing they do. Everything is overlaid with a lie at it's core, for they are not who they purport themselves to be…

Humanity learn to discern the Truth of those who would step before you. Learn to discern the Truth of what it is these beings would share with you. In all things ask yourself and the Guides given you if what is shared is the Truth. Learn to turn WITHIN to your own hearts and minds and seek your Guidance from WITHIN YOU from SPIRIT. Spirit awaits you there patiently. Spirit awaits you asking HIM for the TRUTH!

Blessings on your journeys my brothers. Hugs and love. You are loved. I love you.