Hello world. The following was written 7/15/2016.

I have been having a dialogue with Holy Spirit and my Guides since I wrecked my motorcycle in 2004. All They talk to me about are the judgments I made to believe the things that I do. That every choice I make is the JUDGMENT I am to look at.

A brother states, "That is not my experience, Holy Spirit have never talked to me and said that I or anyone else have done something wrong, only lead the way right."

My response, "I am not judging what He has me looking at. Are you?

He is not telling me I am doing anything wrong here. He simply shows me the choices and decisions I make to believe as I do. He shows me how every choice is and has been a judgment on my part. Judgments of good, bad, wrong, right, Holy, and Evil. My first choices and decisions came to me at 9 months old. In the moments of being abused by my grandmother I chose to believe I was unworthy of love and kindness. I chose to judge what was happening to me as me doing something wrong. In those moments I accepted her projected judgments of herself as my own. That in every situation I am the one judging it as being something it is not. NO one makes that choice for me.

Do you understand the picture He has painted for me here?

During the course of a discussion when something is stated that is a JUDGMENT I am to witness it and then share with the person speaking that I am witnessing this. It is then up to them to look at it. They either want healing or they do not.

If they are not aware that what they are stating is a judgment…that tells me they hold it as a core belief. That also tells me it was TAUGHT to them.

I am not attacking you here. I am sharing an understanding of how we, each of us have been trained to think. What you seem to forget is that everything you experience is for your benefit. That means EVERYTHING! Not this or that. All of it is for your benefit. There are no levels to those benefits. They are all equal. When you judge you tell God He made a mistake. That He is not good enough. That is what your judgments do.

In the instant you judge I mirror to you what it is you do. When you recognize this reflection YOU understand it is YOU that must ask for correction.

Witnessing is observing Truth. Testifying is sharing Truth. When I witness or observe an untruth or judgment I am to share that I witness it. This way my brother can ask their Guides for correction.

Do you understand yet what it is I say and do? What it is Alex is saying and doing here? We are being mirrors to what we witness. In this way our brothers heal by asking their guides for correction.

You are on the surface of an ocean. There is more going on than what is at the surface. There is much more below the surface that must be seen before it can be healed. See, you keep thinking that I AM the one correcting you. I am not. I simply point out the fallacy of what is being expressed by you.

The Truth is, encouragement comes with correction. For in the moment of understanding the corrections purpose a new understanding comes into view of other times we have misconceived. With this understanding comes a domino effect with a deeper healing. When this completes what is left is peace."

Blessings on your journeys my brothers. Hugs and love. You are loved. I love you.