Are you looking forward to jumping into your in-ground pool this next season? Having in-ground pools offer a great advantage over homes that don't. Not only can you enjoy a dip in your pool whenever it's convenient for you, but you can look forward to adding a couple of thousand dollars to the equity of your home. When constructing a new pool, your contractor will likely ask you if you have any requirements as far as design.


For in-ground pools, you have options. This is what many homeowners enjoy in-ground pools vs. Above ground pools. While you can Certainly adjust sizes to fit your space, you can also play around with the aesthetics. Check out these must-have products for your pool that can personalize your space and make it feel more like your own.



Gorgeous Natural Stone End Caps


If you're looking to make your in-ground pool look as professionally installed as possible or as elegant as possible, consider using natural stone for the end caps. The end caps are a finishing part of the pool. They are applied above the pool wall at the level and provide a divide from the pool to a walkway. Natural Stone has long been used for end caps. Many pool installers will recommend you use things like slate, granite, or if you have it in your budget marble. These look fantastic, though they do have the downside of being more expensive.



Consider Alternative Lighting


You may be thinking about different methods for lighting your pool at night. There are several on the market. Though many of these available options can be a pain and require electricity. If you're looking for something that's not battery-operated or requiring a plug-in, consider having a glow stone product installed when you put your pool in.


These can be put in anything concrete, and use the sun for energy. Instead of having to worry about plugging in or using electricity, the sun will do all the work. This means no extra bills, which are a relief considering having a pool does come with added expenses. Another significant advantage of using glow stones is it's simply gorgeous.



Pool Deck


you'll need to consider what type of entryway your pool will feature. Many will opt for ladders, but the best way is to have a customized pool deck. Decks can be fitted to just about any space and provide an additional area for seating and get-togethers. Decks are a perfect addition to any home or above ground pool build.