Now I've always regarded this video as fake.  And, it probably is.  But I'm putting it on Onstellar so you can decide for yourself!



     Before you make your mind up, however, take a look at these photos that I know are real and taken from NASA Rover photographs.


Here is a house not far from where Curiosity Rover landed.  It has a chain link fence.  Maybe a chicken got loose.


And, here is a Cockatoo at a puddle on Mars.


And, a couple of cats that I found on NASA Rover photos.


And, a couple of rats that got photographed by a NASA rover.  I did this blow up and crop myself.


Here is the Mars Gorilla.  When I learned of this I found the NASA photo and did this cropped blow up.

This picture shows the Gorilla with a cat in the foreground.


So, there are animals on Mars!


Added Bonus:

I put this video together to show people animal life on Mars!