Hello world. The following was written 7/24/2019.

On this journey I am finding Spirit will place me where Spirit wants me to be. Spirit will place before me those in need of Light in their darkness. Spirit will also show me and explain to me what the lesson is I am to learn or help my brothers learn. One such lesson is seeing our brothers before us and recognizing their Humanity. Seeing the Human Being in front of you.

For the past two months I have been shuffled from place to place in my RV. In each new place paths would cross mine and healing would occur with understanding of what was experienced. Each interaction my brothers would be surprised by my acceptance of them. My understanding of where they are at on their journey and what they are going through.

In each interaction I AM seeing my brothers Humanity. I AM seeing the Human Being before me. It is not up to me who they choose to be nor how they are choosing to express themselves. My only function is to listen to HEAR where they are at on their journey and what they are experiencing within it, with Spirit. I AM then to step aside and allow Spirit to use my form to interact with my brothers so they may be healed as I have been healed.

I AM a Channel. It is who I AM and what I do. One minute I am here talking with my brothers and the next it is Spirit speaking through me. In removing the filters taught to me I opened myself fully to Spirit and that which Spirit would Teach me. In accepting who I AM and what it is I am able to do I have found peace within the chaos around me.

It is this peace I share with my brothers when our paths cross. In sharing healing occurs. Those whose path have been crossing my own are the homeless, destitute and hopeless. They have found themselves to be in a black hole they cannot escape from. They see themselves as victims of their circumstances not understanding how they have gotten to where they are at. Many shuffle by unseen by those around them. They are over looked or ignored, pushed out and away from the eyes of polite society. Society has forgotten they are Human Beings. Society would have you ignore them and abandon them. To society they are no longer Human Beings. Society has lost its Humanity.

My brothers, be willing to stop and look these brothers in eye. See the Human Being before you. See their Humanity. See yourself in them. See them as your equal. See them as yourself. Recognize how that could be you. There is no cost to meeting a brothers eyes and SEEING their HUMANITY…

Blessings on your journeys my brothers. Hugs and love. You are loved. I love you.